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Hoax is ‘farsa’ in Spanish


Mosque for you? Maybe….. ($$$$$$?)


Breaking news from Turkey:  it seems that Turkish officials are unwilling to give up on their plans to build a mosque in the Castro Kingdom.

Yes, even though the Castro regime has said "no mosque for you!" the Turkish press reports that the efforts to build a mosque in Havana have not come to a standstill.

In fact, these reports point out that a building site has already been set aside in Habana Vieja (Old Havana).

Can this be true?  Who knows?

These reports seem to take it for granted that medieval Muslims built a mosque in Cuba back in the 13th century, as recently claimed by Turkish president Recep Erdogan.

The same reports mistakenly state that the "mosque" supposedly seen by Columbus back in 1492 was in Havana harbor, near the alleged building site for the new mosque.  The mountain top described by Columbus as a "mezquita" was actually hundreds of miles to east.  Some historians think that it might have been on some other island.

The campaign to build a mosque in Havana stems from the fact that 9,000 or so Muslims live in Cuba.

A few questions come to mind: how did Castrogonia end up with a population of 9,000 Muslims?  Who are these people?   What are they doing there?  Why is Turkey so eager to build a mosque for them?

Another question:  how large a bribe will it take to change Raul Castro's mind on this issue?

Otakay mosque in Istanbul: often mentioned as the model for the new Cuban mosque

Otakay mosque in Istanbul: often mentioned as the model for the new Cuban mosque

From the Hurriyol Daily News (Leading News Source for Turkey and the Region)

  Land for mosque in Cuba is ready, says Turkish Religious Affairs official

After the Turkish president said a mosque would be appropriate on the spot where he claims that Muslims discovered the Americas, a site has reportedly been allocated for a mosque’s construction in the Cuban capital Havana.

Five acres of land in the Old Havana district of the city have been spared, and Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) is working towards constructing the mosque, daily Vatan reported on Nov. 20.

Diyanet Vice General Manager Mustafa Tutkun, who is negotiating the possibility of a mosque’s construction in Cuba between Cuban officials and Turkey, said they had proposed the construction of a mosque similar to the picturesque Ortaköy Mosque in Istanbul. However, he added that Cuban officials would prefer the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IOC) to construct the mosque, rather than one country.

“Our foundation is ready to pay the costs of [the mosque]. This idea first came out as our foundation’s project and bilateral visits then took place. The land where the mosque can be constructed is ready. We are thinking of building a [mosque] similar to the Ortaköy Mosque,” said Tutkun.

Speaking to an audience at the 1st Latin American Muslim Leaders Summit in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an hit international headlines by claiming that Muslim sailors arrived in America in 1178, more than 300 years before Christopher Columbus. He also said Columbus had mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast.

Erdo?an later instructed Turkey’s educational institutions to adopt a policy of highlighting the contribution of Islam to global science and arts, including the discovery of the American continent by Muslim sailors.

Continue reading HERE

And for an additional report go HERE

Aquí mismo les dejo construir su mezquita de mierda si me dan un billon de dolares (I will let you build your crappy mosque right here if you fork over a billion dollars.)

Aquí mismo les dejo construir su mezquita de mierda si me dan un billon de dolares.
(I will let you build your crappy mosque right here if you fork over a billion dollars.)

Castro Kingdom preparing for flood of American tourists (or so it seems)….


It seems that those who direct the tourist industry in Castrogonia know something that has yet to be revealed to the rest of the world.

It also seems that those in Canada who report on the tourism industry have caught wind of what has yet to be revealed and of changes to come.

What changes?  How about this for change:  The apartheid resorts in Castrogonia are becoming even more luxurious in order to satisfy the demanding taste of American tourists.

Even if rumors of  American tourists flocking to Varadero prove false -- for now, at least --   Canadian tourists will reap the benefits of the rumors, and enjoy even more of those many privileges that are denied to the Cuban people.

Enjoy yourselves, immoral scumbags.  Bigots.  Racists.  Revel in your superiority.  Leap for joy at the expense of the Cuban people.

And enjoy the fruits of any secret deals struck by the current occupant of the White House and the King of Castrogonia, such as deluxe apartments at bargain rates.


From CTV News Canada:

Winter escapes: The best hot spots for 2014

Winter is most definitely here early this year! So if you are looking to get some sun over the next few months, what should you know?...

...In terms of hot spots…Cuba is upping its game. Although there is no consistent star rating system among the various Caribbean destinations and the tour operators that serve them, it is fairly common knowledge that a five-star resort in Cuba is not up to the same standard as elsewhere in the Caribbean. However the tide is changing, as many of the hotel chains are slowly changing their standards.

The anticipation of the island eventually opening up to the American tourist market means better service, amenities and food now at the higher end resorts. The Melia Marina in Varadero is getting incredible reviews, offering full apartments for families at reasonable prices.

Read more of this filth HERE 


Gotcha, gusanos!

Our chat with Jorge Ponce about President Obama’s speech


Anger and Scandals Down in Mexico


Quotes of the day from Che Guevara’s daughter From the laugh-and-cry department, quotes from a recent interview published by Putin's Ministry of Truth.  These are the words of  well-fed Aleida Guevara, daughter of mass-murderer Che Guevara.

From RT , Russia [grammatical errors not corrected]:

On her father:  "He was always respectful of people." 

On whether or not Cuba is a dictatorship: "Solidarity, respect, love for other peoples and self-sacrifice for the good of others are the principles which are Cubans taught. How can you associate that with a dictatorship? I think it’s impossible."

On the so-called embargo:  "If the embargo was lifted today,  Cuban economy would be thriving tomorrow." 

The whole chamber pot of ordure can be found HERE

Yeah.  Sure.   The whole interview has the same stench as the quotes above.  But you do have to thank RT for at least one thing.  These two photos below were published along with the interview.

The photos speak for themselves about the great "triumph" of the so-called Revolution.

Unfortunately, of course, they were probably interpreted as proof of the great advances made by the Castro regime.  After all, most Russians and First-Worlders think that Cuba was worse than this before the Castro brothers and Che came along.  And they also prefer to believe liars such as Aleida Guevara.  Idiots. cuba-2 cuba-1

Ebola-stricken Cuban doctor to be rescued by World Health Organization and American airline


Those who run Castrogonia and the Castro health care system know that they can't really deal with Ebola, despite the fact that they've sent scores of Cubans to deal with the plague in Africa.

Proof of this surfaced today.

A Cuban doctor infected by the Ebola virus is NOT being flown back to Castrogonia for treatment, but rather to Geneva, Switzerland.

The rescue is NOT being carried out by his own nation, but by an airline from the United States and the World Health Organization.  The Castro regime has made it very clear that no Cuban infected with Ebola can return to his native land for treatment.

How about that?

Don't expect any major news agency to focus on this aspect of the story.  No.  Instead, this will be covered as yet another example of Castronoid altruism.


From Rebel Youth Lite  (Reuters):

Ebola-infected Cuban doctor to be flown to Geneva for treatment

A Cuban doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone will be flown to Switzerland in the next 48 hours for treatment in a Geneva hospital, Swiss health authorities said on Wednesday.

The doctor, identified by Cuban officials as Felix Baez, is one of 165 Cuban doctors and nurses treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. He is the first of the group, deployed since early October, known to be infected by the virus that has killed more than 5,400 people.

Baez is being evacuated from the West African country by a private American carrier, with the help of the World Health Organization, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health said in a statement. The WHO said it had no comment on the case.

"The University Hospital of Geneva, where he will be brought, is ready to admit him in accordance with long-established procedures that will ensure the security of all staff and patients," the Swiss statement said.

A Geneva doctor specializing in infectious diseases is organizing his care in a special hospital room separate from other wards and outpatient clinics at the downtown hospital, it said. "The Swiss population is not at any risk."

Hospital staff have been trained and rehearsed procedures to put on and remove protective gear, the Swiss statement said.

Go HERE for more in-depth coverage of the wonderful way in which the Castro regime is dealing with Ebola in Africa.


President Obama and more pandering of some Hispanics tonight


The Castro regime’s drug trafficking problem

A refresher on the Castro regime's drug trafficking history from John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Not prudent to exchange intelligence on drug trafficking with Cuban dictatorship

Chutzpah Alert May 31, 2010: Fidel Castro says U.S. must deal with Drug Problem / Latin American Herald Tribune

Manuel Noriega and Fidel Castro

Seeing General Barry McCaffrey at the Congressional hearing on Cuba last week was a blast from the past. On August 28, 2001 I attended a presentation by General McCaffrey at Georgetown University and heard his concerns about a possible relationship between Castro and Colombia's drug-trafficking guerrillas. Despite this admission, prompted by a number of questions I raised with him at the same time he argued for sharing drug intelligence with the Cuban government.
General McCaffrey and others who advocate sharing drug intelligence with Cuba seem unaware of several federal indictments and two investigative TV reports, one broadcast in July 2001, linking Cuban officials, including Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl, to drug cartels:

-In 1989, a federal grand jury indicted Robert Vesco for arranging safe passage for drug planes over Cuban airspace after obtaining approval from Cuban authorities.

-According to the 1989 indictment, Reinaldo Ruiz was allowed to land planes in Cuba to refuel after dropping drug cargo off the Cuban coast. Drug-smuggling motorboats would come from Florida to pick up the cargo, and Cuban Coast Guard radar monitored U.S. Coast Guard cutters to help the smugglers evade them. The indictments demonstrated the foolishness of sharing intelligence on drug operations with Havana.

-According to the U.S. indictment of Panama's Manuel Noriega, he traveled to Cuba in 1984 after Castro offered to mediate a disagreement between the drug cartel and Noriega.

-In a 1991 Frontline documentary, Cuba and Cocaine, U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Commander Jeff Karonis, stated, "We would observe in the middle of the day an air drop going on inside Cuban waters. The scenario would be for a small twin-engine airplane with maybe 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of cocaine to fly over Cuba, drop the drugs to a predesignated rendezvous point to several boats. Then it would exit back down off Cuba, and many times a Cuban military vessel would be in the immediate vicinity, right on scene with them.''

-In 1996, Jorge Cabrera was charged with importing 6,000 pounds of cocaine. At the time of his arrest, The Herald reported that Cabrera was carrying a photo of himself with Fidel Castro. Cabrera made a $20,000 donation to the 1996 Democratic presidential campaign after being approached in Havana in 1995 by anti-embargo activist Vivian Mannerud.

-In July 2001, Madrid's TV Channel 5 broadcast Cuba and Drug Trafficking. Spanish journalists filmed (with hidden cameras) their dealings with drug dealers in Cuba. "As to security, forget it. I pay here for the security; I answer only to one, the government,'' the drug dealer said.

Noriega, still in prison for his role in drug trafficking, once received six commendations from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration while turning in competing drug cartels. So it's not surprising that Castro allows U.S. Navy ships to enter Cuban waters in pursuit of or to return Cuban refugees, but the ships aren't allowed in Cuban waters in pursuit of narco-traffickers.

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the following days Ana Belen Montes, a high ranking official in the Defense Intelligence Agency, the go to person for the Pentagon and various other agencies on Cuba was arrested and revealed to be a Cuban government agent. She was the author of the last threat assesment of the Cuban government in May of 1998 that reported there was no threat. At the time the Secretary of Defense added his own concerns in a separate letter contradicting the Castro agent's report. She is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence after cooperating with the authorities.

Manuel Noriega, The Castro Brothers and the Ochoa Trial

At the top of the page is a photo of Fidel Castro and Manuel Noriega. The indictment and of Noriega on February 4, 1988 for being a drug facilitator of the Medellin Cartel would have a profound impact in Cuba, and plunge it into a serious crisis. One year and four months later the Castro brothers began a purge of military and intelligence officers on June 17, 1989. One week later the Cuban government revealed that Fidel Castro's closest aides were involved in smuggling drugs to the United States. Why are the two connected? Because Fidel Castro had been mentioned in the Noriega indictment. National Security Council member Jacqueline Tillman followed Cuba for the Council from 1984 to 1988 said:

''The evidence of Cuban involvement in narcotics trafficking was becoming so abundant that the regime moved to protect Fidel Castro by dissociating him from those activities.''
Less than a month later on July 13, 1989 all the officials that could directly tie Fidel Castro to the Medellin Cartel and Manuel Noriega were executed by firing squad. Eleven top officials of the Ministry of the Interior were found guilty of drug trafficking and four were executed. The closest and most powerful of these aides was Colonel Tony de la Guardia. His twin Patricio de la Guardia was not executed but imprisoned. Also among the imprisoned Jose Abrantes, another longtime aide, died of a heart attack behind bars in January of 1991. In addition to protecting the Castro brothers from possible prosecution this also served to consolidate the military's dominance over the Cuban intelligence service and with it the head of the military Raul Castro. In addition a popular general with victories under his belt in Angola and Ethiopia popular with the troops and flirting with ideas of perestroika, Arnaldo T. Ochoa Sanchez was also executed.

The indictment and capture of Manuel Noriega and his subsequent trial exposed an international narcotrafficking network with high ranking Cuban officials. The Castro regime responded by eliminating possible witnesses that would implicate the brothers in a show trial followed by speedy public execution by firing squad. Cuba is a totalitarian state with one man, one party rule and on that basis along with grand jury testimony implicating the dictator what are the odds that Fidel and Raul Castro are not deeply involved?

The persons advocating sharing intelligence with the Cuban government no doubt mean well as did those who advocated sharing intelligence with Manuel Noriega. We all would like to see more cooperation against drug trafficking. But given the historical record, it would be appropriate to respectfully remind them that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

More, including videos at Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter.

AP covers rodent story in Cuba, ignores real news

Never mind the human rights abuses, the political prisoners, or the Castro dictatorship's links to both PSUV in Venezuela, drug traffickers, and PRD in Mexico, Count on AP to publish a completely meaningless sham of a Cuba story while ignoring the crimes of the terrorist Castro regime.

This one about domesticating rodents.

BAINOA, Cuba – Some people keep guinea pigs or hamsters as pets.

But in Cuba, where a larger, more exotic rodent runs wild, Ana Pedraza and her husband prefer the huitia.

With a rope-like tail and long front teeth, the huitia looks like a giant rat, only cuter, some would say. They live in Cuba and other Caribbean islands where they are sometimes hunted for food.

But Pedraza and her husband Rafael Lopez say they only want to want to protect and take care of the animals, which measure nearly a foot long (about 30 centimeters), with the largest ones weighing in bigger than a small dog.

The couple began collecting huitias about five years ago when they found one languishing on a roadside and named her Congui. They found her a mate and now have more than a half-dozen huitias in their home about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of the capital, Havana.

Congui and her brood like to drink sweetened coffee and munch on crackers and vegetables. Her son Pancho enjoys an occasional nip of rum.

Do they taste like chicken? Just wondering...

Reports from Cuba: Who is really blockading us?

By Jeovany Jimenez Vega in Translating Cuba:

Who is really blockading us?

The brand name of this company selling chicken portions in Havana tells you its origin: these products arrive here from the other side of the iron curtain, from the enemy’s shore. This “Product of USA” reminds us that more than ten years ago the US Congress approved licences for selling food products to the Cuban government, on a cash-only basis, but with the result that also for years the chain stores selling in CUC (Cuban convertible pesos, i.e. hard currency) on the island have insisted in selling these chicken portions at up to 4.50 CUC (about $5). If we bear in mind that historically this has been one of the cheapest meats on the world market, we can easily see that food for the people is not exactly treated as a special case by our government when it comes to turning a profit.

But to this type of profit in CUC we have to add its analog in CUP (Cuban pesos). Also years ago the state-run Food and Business Companies joined in the party: many administrators immediately “saw the light” and proceeded to start selling a pound of raw chicken on the black market for 25 pesos, that’s to say, the price  of the prepared product, like fried chicken, and so they keep hold of the surplus oil, and you can guess where that ends up.

In the end, Liborio, [a cartoon character representing the typical poor Cuban peasant] poor man, caught in the cross-fire, doesn’t receive his monthly bag of chicken, oil — and lots of the other things, speaking of Lindoro, [incompetent Lindoro is an archetypal useless boss of an unproductive Cuban company] –  that the people in headquarters get: poor Lindoro, who, in reality is the only loser. And the main culprit in all this continues to be the Cuban government, because of its obstinate and half-assed economic focuses, and also because of its unscrupulous pricing policy — the same one which fixes the price of a USED Geely auto at $38,000, which doesn’t cost $5,000 new, or which tries to sell us a shitty Suzuki moped for over $12,000 which cost a little more than $300.

Here everything comes down to the same thing; simply and straightforwardly our government is always pursuing one goal: blocking the well-being of the people by every means possible. And so, we should ask, who is it that is really blockading us? Lets see what the “Yankee Blockade” theorists have to say about that.

Translated by GH

Where did Cuba’s 6,000 head of cattle disappear to?

Garrincha in Martí Noticias:

More than 6,000 head of cattle have disappeared in Villa Clara
(After ruling out escape by raft, MLB recruiting, alien abductions, or the visa lottery, some theories still remain regarding the disappearance.

Pedro Mendez, State Official: "Under the guidance of Fidel, our government is promoting the healthy practice of vegetarianism."

Ernesto Londoño, The New York Times: "The American government kidnapped them because they are the best cows in the world."

Fiorella McKenzie, San Francisco hipster: "We demand the immediate liberation of the cows and the Cuban 5!"

"If you ask me, it's hunger."

President Obama will kill immigration reform if he goes “solo”


New Mexico Democrat Senator Tom Udall prefers trade with apartheid dictatorships over democracies

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Senator Tom Udall: Trade With Dictatorship, Not Democracies

Last week, U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) returned from Havana advocating "business ties" with Castro's monopolies.

Ironically, in the two-years that he served as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, Udall held only one hearing on the region -- in June 2013 on U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation.

Meanwhile, Udall's trip to Cuba was the first (and last) official trip he's taken to the region as Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Chairman.

During this three-day trip to Cuba, Udall (to his credit) spent two-hours meeting with Castro's American hostage, Alan Gross.

Kudos for that.

However, the remaining 70 hours of the trip were spent visiting Castro regime officials. And, of course, he completely disregarded Cuba's courageous democracy movement.

Upon his return, Udall stated in a press release:

"New Mexicans are anxious to meet and work with Cubans, and the time is right to rebuild business and cultural ties between the United States and Cuba."

Of course, he "forgot" to mention that all foreign trade with Cuba must be conducted through Castro's monopolies.

So why didn't Udall explore -- on behalf of "anxious New Mexicans" -- business ties with Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama or any of the other 33 democracies in the region, during his tenure as Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Chairman?

A look at Udall's voting record provides some clues.

He's voted:

NO on trade with Peru.
NO on trade with Central America.
NO on trade with the Dominican Republic.
NO on trade with Chile.
NO on trade with Colombia.
NO on trade with Panama.


YES on trade with Cuba.

That pretty much sums it up.

Grubergate summed up in two-minute video clip


Cubanization of U.S. exposed

Need to laugh and cry at the same time?

Take a look at this brilliant two-minute video montage by American Commitment.

The video is a smash cut of  various videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber interspered with clips of Democratic lawmakers spewing praise for him or denying knowledge of his existence.

Go HERE and try to control yourself as you watch this video on YouTube.