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Krauthammer nails it again

Krauthammer on Honduras via NRO

Well, the president has a knack for getting all of these big decisions wrong. Two weeks ago, he refuses to meddle in a country where peaceful demonstrators are getting shot by a theocratic dictatorship. He doesn't want to choose sides.

And now he's eager to meddle on behalf of the president in Honduras who is a Chavez wannabe, who is strong-arming his way to a referendum—that has been declared illegal by his Supreme Court—as a way to...establish a constituent assembly which will establish a new constitution, which will be a Chavez-like dictatorship.

That's what everybody understands in Honduras, and that's why the Supreme Court had ruled the referendum illegal. Only Congress has a right to call it, not the president. Congress had denounced it.

The Supreme Court had told the military not to assist in the referendum because it's illegal. So Zelaya fires the chief of staff of the army. The Supreme Court orders him reinstated; he fires him again.

This guy is acting extra-constitutionally. Yes, he was elected, but Hitler was as well, and Chavez also was. It's easy to dismantle a democracy if you're president and if you are intent on doing it—-and [Zelaya] is intent on doing it.

So our decision ought to be: Yes, a coup isn't a nice thing, but it's preferable to having Zelaya dismantle the democracy. And we should insist on the elections of a president as scheduled in November, so it is a temporary situation.

Look, a rule of thumb here is whenever you find yourself on the side of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and the Castro twins, you ought to reexamine your assumptions.

12 comments to Krauthammer nails it again

  • drillanwr

    Zelaya was in NYC today and spoke @ the UN. He got a very huge response of support from the commie lovin' crowd there.,2933,529587,00.html

    From Twitter:

    AP: Ousted president will return to Honduras with top officials from UN, OAS, Argentina and Ecuador.

  • drillanwr

    BreakingNews AP: Honduran attorney general says ousted president faces arrest and 20 years in prison if he returns

    Honduran attorney general says President Manuel Zelaya will be arrested "as soon as he puts a foot on Honduran soil"

  • Henry Agueros

    This Zelaya guy....
    If he hangs with ducks..
    Walks like a duck...
    talks like a duck..
    and wants to be like the ducks.."chavez,Ortega, etc,etc"

  • Mambí

    BTW...Obama has been told that what occurred in Honduras was perfectly legal. Now lets see what he does.

  • charles_e_fromage

    Did anyone else notice that Krauthammer described it as a coup in the second last paragraph?

    Mambi, do you have a link to that Obama story? I don't see that mentioned anywhere on Fox or Breitbart but maybe I missed it.

  • Mambí

    Fromage; my info is not in the news. It comes from personal knowledge via my job. If the info was correct, then I would hope to see the Administration change its tone.

  • paul vincent zecchino

    Wanna know what'g surprising 'bout the ZeeLiar mess?

    The fact, Komrade Ooogoo helpfully shipped stooge ballots over from Venezuela?


    Our anointed regime's support of ZeeLiar's criminality?


    The fact that 95 percent of Hondurans, the Honduran Supreme Court, and ZeeLiar's own party want him yanked like a suppurating ruptured appendix?


    You wanna know, really surprises living daylights outa me?

    The fact that weepy-eyed humorless sore loser Mr. Peanuts himself, Jimmy "I'll never lie to you" Carter, as of yet hasn't crabbed a free flight off Andrews AFB's 89th MAW, flown down Honduras, and proclaimed ZeeLiar the 'legitimately elected Supreme Leader', as our communist mainstream media stupidly calls the crazy little scorpion in the absurd pie hat over there, Iran.

    These leftist media lickspittles realize, once tyrants tie their loose ends, first thing they do is bury the mainstream media who lied them into office?

    You getta kick outa the trained seals on Ted Fonda's Communist News Network? Yeah, me too. As good as they can flick their laquered bouffant hairjobs on camera and stumble through telepropmter drivel written by aging marxist fat slobs, they still can't see what likely awaits them, can they?

    All so unnecessary, but for the fact these blow-dried elite prevaricators refused to speak truth to power.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    30 June, 2009

  • Jerome

    I wonder if all this is going on because we have a leftist President.

  • Honey

    It is interesting what you say but it can be considered both ways.
    Do you mean all of this blatant tyranny of the mullahs in Iran and the Chavez, Castro effrontery? Or do you mean all of this rising up of freedom loving citizens?
    Which did you mean by all of this that is going on?
    What I like is the way it exposes Obama to anyone who has any soul left. He is always on the side of the tyrant against the one who craves freedom.
    And he is always on the side of the bomb throwers against the peaceful or the democratic.

  • drillanwr

    Booted Zelaya Tied To Central American Drug-Trafficking?

  • Mr. Mojito

    Carter hasn't jumped into the mix because he was meeting yesterday with the leader of Hamas.

    The paper had a picture of Jimmy giving him a bear hug this morning.