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Honduras Linkfest

Lots of info out on the happenings in Honduras today, so here's a quick linkfest:

First and foremost, check out Fausta's blog, here and here, for probably the best coverage around. First link has an updated run down, second link has text of the Venezuelan ballots)

The Heritage Foundation weighs in.

The New York Post

Ed at HotAir

The Corner.

Roger Simon.

Oh, and this fucking communist, soulless, moronic bitch too.

Update: Here's good one from the wall Street Journal.

4 comments to Honduras Linkfest

  • pototo

    Wanna get sick?

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Ousted Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya said Wednesday he will not return to his home country until at least Saturday, after a three-day international deadline to reinstate him.

    Zelaya had said earlier he would return to Honduras on Thursday. Provisional Honduran President Roberto Micheletti said Tuesday that Zelaya would be arrested on multiple charges if he returns.

    The Organization of American States passed a resolution early Wednesday saying that Zelaya should be returned to power within 72 hours. The United Nations unanimously passed a similar resolution Tuesday afternoon.

    The governments of most Latin American nations, as well as the United States and Canada, have voiced their displeasure with the coup and said they want Zelaya back in power.

    The World Bank said Tuesday it would freeze funds to Honduras until the crisis is resolved, and the United States said it is reviewing its aid to the Central American nation.

  • Larry Daley

    It bothers me that the left leaning media said there were "thousands" protesting for Zelaya. And yet the video I saw, showed at very most hundreds.

    Aside from these "cuatro gatos" there was a platoon of communists giving their clenched fist salute.

  • baldwin

    Funny I didn't hear a peep out of the UN over Iran. But, the minute a leftist comrade gets in trouble the UN can not wait to get involved.

  • [...] from Huffington Post by way of Babalu Blog; Thousands of Hondurans are now in the streets to protest the coup d’etat in their country. [...]