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13 de Marzo Tugboat Massacre Anniversary

The Cuban State is responsible for violating the right to life (Article 1 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man) of the 41 people who were shipwrecked and perished as a result of the sinking of the tug "13 de Marzo", which events occurred seven miles off the Cuban coast on July 13, 1994. The persons who died that morning are: Leonardo Notario Góngora, Marta Tacoronte Vega, Caridad Leyva Tacoronte, Yausel Eugenio Pérez Tacoronte, Mayulis Méndez Tacoronte, Odalys Muñoz García, Pilar Almanza Romero, Yaser Perodín Almanza, Manuel Sánchez Callol, Juliana Enriquez Carrasana, Helen Martínez Enríquez, Reynaldo Marrero, Joel García Suárez, Juan Mario Gutiérrez García, Ernesto Alfonso Joureiro, Amado Gonzáles Raices, Lázaro Borges Priel, Liset Alvarez Guerra, Yisel Borges Alvarez , Guillermo Cruz Martínez, Fidelio Ramel Prieto-Hernández, Rosa María Alcalde Preig, Yaltamira Anaya Carrasco, José Carlos Nicole Anaya, María Carrasco Anaya, Julia Caridad Ruiz Blanco, Angel René Abreu Ruiz, Jorge Arquímides Lebrijio Flores, Eduardo Suárez Esquivel, Elicer Suárez Plascencia, Omar Rodríguez Suárez, Miralis Fernández Rodríguez, Cindy Rodríguez Fernández, José Gregorio Balmaceda Castillo, Rigoberto Feut Gonzáles, Midalis Sanabria Cabrera, and four other victims who could not be identified.

The above is from Section VIII "Conclusions", number 105 of REPORT Nº 47/96, CASE 11.436, VICTIMS OF THE TUGBOAT "13 DE MARZO" vs. CUBA, October 16, 1996 of the OAS, the Organization of American States.


The Organization of American States, by working to allow the Cuban state back into its member ranks, has at best forgotten all about the victims, or at worst, chosen to ignore this massacre of innocent, helpless human being at the hands of the castro regime.

We have not and we will not ever forget or forgive. Ever.

9 comments to 13 de Marzo Tugboat Massacre Anniversary

  • asombra

    Can you imagine what would have been done with this story at the time it happened, and since, if the exact same thing had been perpetrated by a right-wing dicatorship? Can you imagine what the media would have done if apartheid-era South Africa or Pinochet had done something anywhere near this horrible? I can, and so can everybody else (starting with the media). But hey, who cares? It's only an issue for "those people," after all. No need to aid and abet the Miami "mafia." Let "those people" stew in it and, if they must, have a pastelito or two.

  • firefly

    I agree asombra. Let's not forget that when the New York Times first reported it back on July 1994 they made a point to mention the word "stolen" tugboat at least 10 times in their short article.

  • rjbonau

    If you ever want to know what the Castro regime is about and /or define them, this massacre is it.
    They hate people that don't agree with them so much that they murder them and their

  • Henry Agueros

    I get sick to the heart just to remember that massacre.
    Cold blooded murder of men woman and children.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Katie Couric: "Those gusanos hijacked a boat which is a terrorist act. The Cuban govt was merely trying to safely arrest them by blasting them off the bow of the boat with a little water."

    Keith Olbermann: "These criminals stole a boat and were violating Cuban law by not stopping when ordered to. Sometimes you need to break a few eggs to make a Utopian socialist omelet."

  • Just maybe, today, a few more people learned of this massacre? Alas, it wasn't perpetrated by Somoza, Pinochet or Batista.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Humberto, the problem is that many of the American Thinker readers might have already known about it, or already know the reality of Cuba.

    In order to really make an impact you would need to get your article on the front page of the NY Times - and those [Herbert Matthew-ites] would NEVER allow anyone to bash the dear leader.

  • Perhaps. But you'd be amazed (appalled?)at how little even Conservatives know about Castro's Cuba.

    After all, it's not thousands upon thousands of miles away in the Mid-East. It's only 90 miles away and came closest of any regime in history to nuking America's citizens....the place is obviously irrelevant..!

  • FreedomForCuba

    "After all, it's not thousands upon thousands of miles away in the Mid-East. It's only 90 miles away and came closest of any regime in history to nuking America's citizens....the place is obviously irrelevant..!"

    I know, isn’t that amazing Humberto?

    It is mind boggling and freaking unbelievable!