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Demjanjuk charged in Germany

AP, Yahoo News - German autorities have charged Demjanjuk with involvement in the murder of 27,900 people at the Nazi death camp Sobibor.

"The effort to bring Demjanjuk to justice sends a very powerful message that the passage of time in no way diminishes the guilt of the perpetrator."

Take note Havana; Cubans too will one day have justice.

9 comments to Demjanjuk charged in Germany

  • firefly


    It will never happen! Hitler's Germany is seen as a Facist "right" wing dictatorship.

  • Firefly, I agree, the MSM is never going to report the truth about Cuba, but one day, Cuba is going to be free, and Cubans will obtain justice. I don't doubt that.

  • Honey

    They may even wish to kill or torture some of their homegrown terrorists who were responsible for so many deaths, imprisonments and torture.
    Not to worry. Pelosi and Panetta will immediately investigate the horrible wishes of the new democratically elected Cuban government and expose these wishes. The U.N. will be called upon by the Obama administration to punish these evil wishers. Even if not one of these wishes is ever acted upon, the mere thought that such wishes existed even in the planning stage is enough to make villains of the Cubans who planned these things. Sound familiar?
    In the meantime, Hondurans will go on in their democratic way and ignore all of the anger of the OAS and Obama at their antics. And Cubans will thumb their noses along with the Hondurans.

    I can dream, can't I?

  • FreedomForCuba


    Nothing wrong with dreaming, it helps us escape our current reality which happens to be a total nightmare.


  • Mr. Mojito

    Unfortunately most of the original Barbudos will have died off by that time.

    This judgment might have to be left up to God. Hopefully he doesn't go heavy on the "mercy" thing.

  • kubagrrrl

    Demjanjuk finally charged? What took so long. I'd thought he was already convicted by now and serving life.

  • FreedomForCuba


    I hope God doesn’t have any mercy on the Barbudos, but that’s not our call.

    Time will only tell.

  • CountNomis

    Cubans have a long memory and are very vindictive. I hope I live long enough to see the execution of both the Communists and their apologizers. Goody, goody, goody. Can't wait.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Simma down Count, your glee seems a little to "La Cabana-esque" :)

    El Paredon may be necessary, but it should be done with solice, not glee