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Cuban Crocodile


At Miami Metro Zoo

9 comments to Cuban Crocodile

  • These bastards are VICIOUS, Henry!

    True stuff here: A Biologist friend told me that the regular American Crocodile ( a few found in extreme south Fla. and the Keys), being pretty ornery, drive out most Alligators in their domain.

    Well, he said the Cuban crocodile (which is not technically a "Caiman") stomps unmercifully on any American crocodiles in his domain! Chomps 'em up!

    This is the sucker found in the Zapata swamp, around the Bay of Pigs. A NASTY bastard!

  • Rayarena

    Poor crocodile, an exile like us! I'm sure that he must miss his homeland [sigh].

  • On the other hand, he's no more vicious and nasty and ornery than a Communist--simply more honest and much, more courageous.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Humberto, do you know if any of the 2506 were attacked by these suckers at Playa Giron ?

  • Mr. Mojito

    "Here ally ally gator ... here ally ally gator ... we've got some nice lunch meat" ...

  • Larry Daley

    Cannot see it clearly

    to tell if which Cuban crocodile

    Crocodylus rhombifera

    the inland species

    or the more wide spread species

    Crocodylus acutus

    the American crocodile

    which lives at the edge of the sea

  • Larry Daley

    Just came back from Alaska

    where I talked to an Athabascan chief

    (Almost all Athabascans have mitochondrial haplogroup A)

    which is the common group of those of indigenous descent in Cuba

    although some have the common indigenous types B and C which are believed to come more directly from South American sources (e.g. Arawak)

  • Larry Daley

    The Athabascans have a male rite of passage in which they enter the den of hibrinating bear and kill it with a spear

    In Cuba the sons of Juan Ramos, who lived on Grandfather's land a pure or almost pure Siboney would enter the brood caves of the the Cuban inland crocodyl and kill them

    The resemblence which is not necessarily causal gave me much thought/

  • Did they already have the crocodile or did it wander into Florida? I heard today on the news here in Maryland the Coast Guaurd identified a manatee in Havre de Grace. They are tracking it to make sure it is safe. LOL Mr. Mojito it will have plenty of lunch meat