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Tiny Latino nation rebuffs Yankee Imperialism

Honduran billboard

The U.S. has been bullying them for over a month--embargoed military and financial aid, yanked the visas of her constitutional leaders, daily issuing threats and demands.

But Honduras stands tall, proud and defiant.

A common placard during the demonstrations (of hundred thousand Hondurans plus) that I attended was "Llorens We're Not Your Colony!"

but...but...but..but...but...but....but...butt.. I coulda sworn that from Julia Sweig to Wayne Smith, and from Phil Peters to Marifeli, and from The New York Times to the Washington Post, and from Hollywood to Harvard-- the sight of a small latin nation proudly standing up for it's rights and upholding its sovereignty against malicious Yankee bullying was a thing to warm your heart and dampen your panties....?

Haven't heard much from these quarters regarding this plucky little nation.??? Hummmm??

5 comments to Tiny Latino nation rebuffs Yankee Imperialism

  • You're right, Humberto, we haven't heard much how a small, poor nation like Honduras has stood up to the bullying of not only the US, but Chavez and the rest of the world, too.

    However... (and a big HOWEVER, here) we are constantly reminded how Castro and his gang of murderous thieves have stood up to the US, outliving the administrations of countless US presidents. The press reports it as if it were a badge of honor for a vile, murderous, heinous dictatorship to survive this long. As a matter of fact, to so many of them the five decades of the Castro dictatorship's defiance of the US is justification for the US to capitulate to this bloody regime.


  • Mr. Mojito

    Alberto, they always parrot the whole "Fidel outlived 9 US Presidents ..."

    It's enough to make you gag. Fidel claims the CIA tried to kill him 638 times (they even made a "documentary" about it) - when I would claim that if the CIA really wanted Fidel dead he would have been dead in 1960.

    As for Honduras, they are all ALONE - there only chance might be to repel an invasion by the Chavista gang.

  • j alvarez

    While Honduras is in the headlines Chavez is taking the opportunity to do away with a good number of independent radio stations, 34 of them were shut down today. Meanwhile the National Assembly is discussing a law on "media crimes" which could land many a journalist and media owner in jail. Nobody has anything to say about this because it's an "internal affair". Venezuela too is alone!

  • dccuban

    "The U.S. has been bullying them for over a month--embargoed military and financial aid, yanked the visas of her constitutional leaders, daily issuing threats and demands."

    Wow. It's a bizarro world indeed when we have to start rooting AGAINST our own country.