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The “Right” to travel to Cuba

Here's how Americans traveling to Cuba will help the "natives:"

H/T Gabe M.

8 comments to The “Right” to travel to Cuba

  • Mr. Mojito

    Youtube videos don't seem to show up on this site for me.

    Any suggestions of what I need to do? Update /download? etc


  • asombra

    But of course. I can relate, totally. Like I always tell my good friend Shirley Mclaine, who may or may not be still alive, I was the Indian Hatuey in a former life.

  • Those look like real Indians? ( no discounting the possibility of hair straightener)..So where'd Raul and his GAESA get 'em?
    Did Chimpanchavez send them from an Amazon tributary?

  • Rayarena

    OMG! And the castroites complain that pre-59 Cuba was kitsch!

    So, let me see, there are no Indians left in Cuba, so the regime dresses blacks up as Indians and tries to pass them off as Indians. Worst part is when they dress blacks up as Chinese--yes, folks, I've seen videos of Havana's Old Chinatown with blacks and mulattoes pretending to be Chinese for Euro tourists visiting Cuba's "Chinatown".

    And what can you tell me about the Jews in Cuba? After castro kicked the Jews out of Cuba, he creates a hotel in Cuba called El Hotel Raquel that caters to Jews and promotes tourism to Cuba so that you can see the last remaining Cuban Jews as if they were sideshow freaks or something.

    What's next? The Lebanese? I'm surprised he hasn't created some gimmick to lure Arab tourists to Cuba, so that they can see Cuba's last remaining Arabs.. If there are any left, I'm sure that along with the Chinese, the Jews, the Gallegos, the Asturianos and Cuba's large North American community, they all left decades ago!

    Another thing that we have to thank Castro for, impoverishing Cuba by destroying her ethnic diversity!

  • Alley Kat

    Good grief! Will somebody tell them? What a frikkin' embarrassment!!! This awful crap is what passes off as culture in Castro's impoverished Cuba. It stirs my gag reflex to see the tourists join in the dancing around with their young child. Just think, these same idiots who are bouncing with the "natives" would have a hizzy fit if here in the States someone represented native Americans that way, but in Paradise Island a bunch of blacks can do it and it's called "art". Descarados.

  • Rayarena

    Alley Kat, exactly! It's an embarrassment. There is no culture left in Cuba. The irony is that those very same people who distort the reality of pre-Castro Cuba and say that Cuba was nothing more than a kitsch and cheap playground for tourists, see nothing wrong in this. Nor do they understand that Castro has destroyed Cuba's legitimate culture, exiled it's musicians, it's writers, clipped the wings of its most creative son and daughters with his dictum "within the revolution everything, outside nothing," and destroyed its ethnic minorities that nuanced and added color and shaped our culture. He has also sold off Cuba's cultural patrimony to unscrupulous Canadians and Europeans anxious to buy art treasures at fire sale prices and finally, he has allowed five centuries of architecture to fall to pieces as priceless buildings crumble every day.

    But, to useful fools around the world, he is the savior of Cuba's culture.