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Raices on CNN

Felice Gorordo, one of the founders of Raices de Esperanza, will be on LIVE today at 3:30:

When Felice Gorordo imagines a “perfect Cuba,” he sees young people able to gather in front of their school and discuss issues openly and freely at workshops, parties, discussions, or performances. Felice would love to see a society where young people can reflect on their hopes and fears and ultimately help each other, looking toward the future.

Felice, 26, is one of the founders of Raices de Esperanza or Roots of Hope. It’s a non-partisan organization that encourages dialogue between young Americans and Cubans. If it were up to Felice, students wouldn’t get kicked out of school because they didn’t sign referendums they don’t agree with, a story he’s heard happen in Cuba time and again.

Felice’s group is working different projects that he hopes will help do just that. A notable one is “Cell Phones 4 Cuba.” Raices de Esperanza basically collect cell phones for people on the island because they normally cost $50-$150 and the average monthly salary is $12-$15. Getting access to that financially out-of-reach gadget, Felice believes, will be a big step toward more invaluable communication.

Be sure to watch my interview with Felice on Friday at 3:30 p.m. ET on Live.

3 comments to Raices on CNN

  • cogelosuavemd

    Raices has come to represrent the voice of the liberal Cuban American; frankly I'm amazed any babalu-er that has attended one of their recent conferences would endorse this organization.

  • Honey

    I tried to go there, but couldn't get what you were talking about. But I did see a headline that said, Senator Martinez resigns. What? Is this to get Crist in there sooner?
    Oh, No.

  • Rayarena

    I generally support Raices de Esperanza, but I think that sometimes they are a bit naive. I remember going to a conference where some members of Raices gave a talk about Cuban American authors and the speaker was going on about Ana "Cara de Caballo" Menendez as if she were this great Cuban American author. They were even selling her books. They were also selling the books of that other woman that, Alisia [something-or- other] [Valdes I think] , who writes Chick lit. I didn't feel that the speaker was doing it out of sympathy for "Cara de Caballo's" repulsive anti-Cuban positions, but rather out of ignorance. Still, it was a bit disappointing. That said, they are articulate and young and probably have their hearts in the right place.