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  • asombra: Omar, he looks like what he was turned into: a Stepford Castroite.

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UN Crowns Fidel Castro “World Hero”

"The former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has been named “World Hero of Solidarity” .....“What we want to do is present these people to the world and say that they embody virtues and values worth emulation by all of us,” said (UN General Assembly Pres.) Miguel D’Escoto, who like the socialist Morales is a staunch critic of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America.

Whole thing here.

No reason to let this upset your week-end, amigos!...Any more than a Three Stooges episode would!

Absolutely Un-'Freakin-Real

18 comments to UN Crowns Fidel Castro “World Hero”

  • Jewbana66

    Humberto, what ever happened to the PREPARE BARF BAGS NOW warning???
    I'm speechless. Esto no tiene nombre.

  • Melek

    ... increible, pero cierto ... estamos vedaderamente en tiempos donde reina lo absurdo ...

    Aqui comparto otra "joyita" de comentario del izquierdista D'Escoto:

    "Creo que Dios ha escuchado las oraciones de todos los revolucionarios del mundo y tendremos a Fidel por tiempo"..."fue un regalo de Dios" haber visto al líder revolucionario con "excelente" salud."

    I wish you well :) Melek

    "The essence of bigotry is refusing to others the rights that you demand for yourself. Such bigotry is inherently incompatible with freedom, even though many on the Left would be shocked to be considered opposed to freedom." ~Thomas Sowell

  • drillanwr

    Does anyone remember the 1960s sci-fi show "The Outer Limits"?

    That show and "The Twilight Zone" were more than just sci-fi ... they were commentaries in social interaction and man's mentality. But both shows were written and produced during the height of the Cold War. If you look past the campiness of the sci-fi genera you find the warnings about totalitarian oppression and loss of freedom of mind and body.

    There was an episode, just as the one called "The Obsolete Man" from Twilight Zone, that now plagues my mind these days. (Yes, those shows gave me great entertainment pleasure while a kid ... but their meanings are now present today) ... The episode of TOL I'm thinking of now is titled "The Feasibility Study".

    It centers on an entire neighborhood that has been literally pulled up by the roots and transported to another planet where the beings there have some sort of 'virus' that consumes their bodies and makes them unable to do manual labor ... so they have overly developed their minds and rationalize dragging humans to their planet to be slaves. When the humans discover they cannot reason with the alien race or fight them, and the aliens intend to bring all humans into their totalitarian servitude, the humans decide to 'infect' themselves with the virus (transmitted by touching those who have already been infected) in a church where they have gathered for a townhall ... in order to show the aliens that the humans will NOT submit ... making the human race infeasible for their plans of serfdom.

    What is going on in our country, and in the world in general, today is sorta kinda similar. "Socialism" has become too tepid a word for what is going on. It is a complete totalitarian Marxist movement in this country, and in the world. It is only rivaled by the Islamic/Sharia movement in its viral attempt to consume democratic society on this planet.

    This is just a part of that TOL episode, but you can watch all parts on youtube. This part sort of explains what the humans come to realize and how they can win against 'them':

    Here is the ending where the humans realize their weapons against the alien tyranny is our love, compassion, and faith in God and in each other:

    The dialog is the key in both video clips.

  • drillanwr

    Sorry ... didn't know the last clip cut off:

    And sorry if this has been a too long comment ...

    BTW, 'becoming what they are' is not to believe as they do, but to become as useless as they are so as they cannot use them as slaves ... You'll get it. One of the best episodes of the show.

  • Drillanwr, that sounds similar to the John Galt philosophy that some people are actually beginning to espouse in this country. Like, for example, Wayne Huizenga's decision to speed up the sale of the Dolphins to avoid having to pay Obama's higher taxes.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Drillian, begs the question ... which is worse - a sharia-based or Marxist-based state ???

    Luckily for us we may get a mix of both (pukes) :(

  • Mr. Mojito

    CDW, the problem is that "Galt's Gulch" isn't possible in the technological age, where GPS and satellites would easily find your valley in the middle of Colorado. The Obamabots would eventually show up to collect their 50 % tax rate.

  • asombra

    This is simply an official, formal confirmation, at the highest international level, of what has been quite clear for ages:

    Practically the entire world, including the beyond-hypocritical free world, not only condones a totalitarian tyrant, his blatant systematic violation of human rights, and his countless crimes against humanity (Cuban and otherwise), but it also sees fit to reward and congratulate him, and furthermore, put him forth as an example for others to emulate. If this weren't such an old story it might be shocking, but it's merely the same repulsive and nauseating shit, different day.

    We're every bit as alone as Honduras, only we've been far worse off for half a century already. For practical purposes, nobody really gives a shit except Cubans, and by no means all Cubans (neither in Cuba nor out of it). It's terrifyingly simple: either Cubans themselves find a way out of the horror, or it will continue indefinitely. Unless, of course, the Cuban regime were to adopt right-wing trappings, in which case, relatively speaking, we'd hardly have to do a thing--the world would come through big time, as it did for South Africa.

    It goes without saying that this has NOTHING to do with righteousness, justice, freedom, decency, truth or anything of the sort. This is about political "correctness," ideological fashion and pathological anti-Americanism. It's NOT about Castro per se; he himself is NOT the point or the issue; he never has been. The same would have been done with a total schmuck like Salvador Allende if he'd been luckier. Again, the situation is perfectly clear and straightforward: the world is full of shit. Either we, WE, find a way around that, or we might as well forget the whole thing and go the way of that Maria Isabel woman with her fat ass, her fire-red leather skirt and her Che poster.

  • j alvarez

    We are living in strange times. Started to read again Lord of the Rings. Towards the beginning of the saga Frodo complains about the bad times they have to live through, and Gandalf responds something like: we don't choose the times we live in, but we can choose how we live them. That's where we are at. A challenge to be ever more truthful and coherent.

  • drillanwr

    j alvarez -

    Tolken knew.

    Not even Hollywood could blur the lines between good and evil he laid out in those books.

    Also, if they had they would have had hell to pay from the loyalist "LOTR" followers ... me too.

  • marc in calgary

    related.... y, prepare your barf bag,

    "Fidel is the best disciple of Jesus..." more here,

  • raylove54

    This is 'Great' and should qualify the world renown org with an additional 10 million in aid from the current American Administration but personally I don't think we gone far enough, I think we should have a National Holiday dedicated to this international icon, you know like MLK day, perhaps the current administration under Czar Val Jones will see to this.

  • raylove54

    Sorry I was wrong, Make that 22 billion of your money(chumps) "UN Aid Programs Have Cost $22B Yet Little Proof They Work, Studies Say" : The US government has pledged 148 million dollars this year to the UN refugee agency to aid Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and neighboring countries, both said Wednesday.

    The UN Relief and Works Agency said the amount includes 91 million dollars to UNRWA's fund for refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria as well as 57 million dollars to its 2008 West Bank and Gaza emergency appeal.

    I think I'll write VAl Jones and suugest he raise your taxes so we can send more aid to countries like Venenzuela,Palestinians, Syria, you know our friends....

    Washington: The US government announced Thursday that over $30 million aid to Honduras has been suspended in the wake of President Mel Zelaya's June 28 ouster.
    Washington said that if the de facto regime in Tegucigalpa remains intransigent on the question of Zelaya's reinstatement

    Lets stop playing around time to send in troops to Hondura's intransigent government, lets show them Obama and his Czars mean business, lets do a total embargo to Honduras ......

    It's time to normalize relations with Cuba,Venenzuela,Syria,Iran, but break of aid to Honduras, Israel, Poland....

    You guys are beyond screwed..... I heard that people often the govenment the deserve! Any truth to that ?

  • Zhangliqun

    I knew the UN was dumb, but not THIS dumb. Maybe they figured if America elected Obama, they'll swallow this too, because we're "ready"?