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Fodder for Labor Day Grill–From Castro’s former classmate


El Viejo comes through again!

(And No! (Mike) We obviously don't!! hold the fish close to the camera to make it look BIGGER!!)

Amigos! Hope y'all had a good one! These suckers, fresh, and on the grill, and drenched in lemon/butter and Adobo are hard to beat! ( an iced keg and a dozen bottles of Pinot Grigio nearby don't hurt either!)

Hope y'all had a great week-end!!

5 comments to Fodder for Labor Day Grill–From Castro’s former classmate

  • FreedomForCuba

    Nice Red Humberto, your Dad is kicking Redfish butt.

    Looks like a 22-24 inches, right?

    I caught a small but thick red nineteen inches long two week ago in Everglades National Park.

    I love catching them as they have gourmet fish taste quality.

    By the way, what’s the biggest you keep there in Louisiana?

  • Indeed, amigo. Maybe 22 inches 3 or 4 pounds??? (didn't weigh him)

    Our La. size limit is 16 inches (great frying!) and numbers limit is five per person.

    In fact, most we catch are a tad bigger than in this pick. Check out:

  • FreedomForCuba

    Yes Humberto,

    I figured it was that big by looking at the picture.

    By the way, lately I can almost tell how big they’re by how hard they pull when I hook them.

    The last couple years I have been catching them on a regular basis (almost everytime I go fishing) as I have gotten hooked on this type of fishing.

    Here in Florida only one is allowed per person, it must be between 18 and 27 inches.

    You know what I want to catch next that I haven’t yet?


  • drillanwr

    Okay, THAT's some 'wealth' I wouldn't mind spread around, my friend.

    El Viejo has the touch, as my Grandfather did.

  • actually this is a fantastic shot. great depth of field on it. congrats. I'm with you dude, the only good red is one that's grilled or blackened.