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National Review Hails Cuban-Americans at 9/12

'Another interesting detail about the march — it was filled with immigrants. I'm pretty sure every Cuban in a thousand mile radius was there, helpfully explaining to everyone who would listen that Cuba's vaunted free health-care system involves shoddily trained doctors and bringing your own linen to the hospital."

Our friends at NRO give us a HIGH-FIVE!

For a "been-there/done-that--WATCHOUT!!!" type of warning to our compatriots.

Hot Damn!

4 comments to National Review Hails Cuban-Americans at 9/12

  • theCardinal

    not to be picky, cuz I'm all for the march, and am vehemently opposed to socialized healthcare but how many of us "Cubans" have actually had an experience with the Cuban healthcare system? Of course we know it sucks, but are we really expert witnesses?

  • Gigi

    Some may not have had an "actual" experience with the Cuban healthcare system (I did, as a child), but our relatives in the island have, indeed. The true nature of that system is well documented.

    My sign about the truth of Cuban healthcare, pictures and all, attracted attention @ the march in Ft. Worth, far more than I ever expected. Marchers would come up and ask all sorts of questions and one man quoted Orca-Wannabe Michael Moore and asked me why the Hollywood elite talk about Cuban healthcare as nirvana. He didn't know there's a dual system + a double standard in Cuba --- one for the elites/tourists/useful idiot left, and another for the people. He freaked out. Granted, many non-Cubans marchers mentioned Chavez, Castro and Che in their signs, but for them is not as impacting or real as it is for us. Living here has taught me how very uninformed the average person is about socialism, its tentacles, and its disastrous results everywhere it's implemented. It's incumbent upon us Cubans to fill that void of info at every opportunity, wherever we are --- and I find eager ears and hungry minds whenever this topic comes up.

  • I heard Rush Limbaugh mention the large turnout of Cubans to the DC march. Very cool. Way to REPRESENT!

  • Cubanita

    Cardinal; I know a lot of people who has experienced first hand the disaster of the Cuban healthcare. And now with barbatruco sending more and more doctors overseas, it is even worse.

    I personally have stories to write a book, both from the patient and from the docto's points of view. I will write about them pretty soon; just need a couple of months more to ensure the safety of all people involved.

    Yep. Call me paranoid - not that I care much anyway - but I'll better be safe than sorry.