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Why the Police and Herald Secrecy on the Arrest of pro-Juanes “Cubans”??

Screaming, frothing (but pro Juanes) "Cubans" arrested on Calle Ocho

"Screaming, frothing (but pro Juanes) "Cubans" arrested on Calle Ocho "

Our good friend Emilio Izquierdo (past Prez. of UMAP Prisoners Assoc.) who participated in the Calle Ocho pro/anti Juanes gig last Sunday discloses a fascinating datum regarding the aftermath.

Several pro-Juanes "Cubans" were arrested for indecent exposure, etc. But their names are being treated as classified material by both the Police dept. and the Miami Herald. Both are quite mum on the names of the arrested?

But AHHHHH!!!! Back in 1999 when anti-Castro Cuban-Americans peacefully protested the concert by Los Van Van, and some were arrested (including Emilio)--well, both the police dept. and the Miami Herald publicized their names and even their addresses with much fanfare.

The only thing missing was a plane with a fluttering banner of their names overhead, and a gang of winos distributing brochures of their names on street corners.


I've interrogated several Cuban-Americans who, "went down to that demonstration-to get their fair share of abuse.." and they unanimously report that the pro-Juanes people looked about as Cuban as Evo Morales, Cantinflas or (the early model) Olga Tanon.


7 comments to Why the Police and Herald Secrecy on the Arrest of pro-Juanes “Cubans”??

  • asombra

    Well, imagine that! I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!!! Same shit, different day.

  • Gigi

    If this is true, it should be exposed for the farce it is. Unless the arrestees were minors, isn't this stuff public domain? FOIA requests, anyone?

  • asombra

    I suppose, in a weird way, I should thank the Miami Herald. If it ever cleaned up its act with respect to the Cuban-American community it does not respect but whose money it's always happy to take, I might be so shocked it could endanger my health.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Some supposed "Pro-Juanes Cubans"

    ... note the Chavista grabbing his cajones ... stay classy there communistas

  • firefly

    The thing is... The Miami police officers at Versailles TOLD the real Cuban-Americans (which by the way had a permit to demonstrate peacefully) TO LEAVE because they were the cause of the trouble being caused by the FAUX-Cuban-Americans that were DEMONSTRATING IN FAVOR OF Juanes (which didn't have a permit by the way). Go figure! Perhaps it's time that tax payers asked the chief of police on whose side he's on. Those FAUX Cuban-Americans (please read Venezuelan chavistas, Nicaraguan Ortegan, etc) were taken to Versailles in two buses that were left parked several blocks away. If there were any Cubans within the group, they were not Cuban-Americans. They were members of the Maceitos (led by Andres Gomez) and that's why their names and addresses have not been made public.

  • antonio2009

    Humberto: When Sylvia Wilhelm sued Chris Simmons for slander, the Miami Herald was all over the story. When Wilhelm recently quietly dropped the lawsuit (after paying her attorney $75,000 in fees) and parts of her deposition linking her to Cuban espionage agent Amado Soto were circulated on this blog and on Cuban radio in Miami, the Herald likewise kept silent. This has been the Herald biased trajectory regarding the Cuban exile community for half a century.

  • Our friend Emilio is starting to suspect that no actual arrests (as in bookings)took place for the grotesquely illegal behavior by those "Cubans". It was all a ruse or some "pressure" came to be applied. After all, the names of any arrested become public record, right? And none can be obtained.