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Hey, Polanski!

Count your blessings, you pedophile scumbag.


15 comments to Hey, Polanski!

  • asombra

    Val, please! The scumbag's an artist, you know. You have to be more sophisticated about these things. People might think you had a problem with Michael Jackson, too. You just don't understand. It's a showbiz thing; those people get to be as scummy as they want.

  • bdariusz

    You should first look deeper into the case against Polanski and find out more details about the surroundings of his sexual intercourse with that girl. The 13 year old was not that innocent and was sexually experienced at that time. Even she told later that all that had been arranded by her mother.
    When did we hear that story? Hm. So please do not call people names because you feel like it. I read your blog every week but on this subject your comment is way to harsh.
    By the way if you look at Cuba, girls as young as 12 invite their boyfriends home and with parent's approval sleep with the. Mothers take 13 old doughters to hospital to get them contraceptive devices or pills. Are those 18 or 29 year old Cubans having intercourse with 13 year old girlfriend pedofiles?

  • BD,

    sorry dude. First, as a man, I wouldnt screw a thirteen year old girl, no matter how experienced she may be. And second, I certainly wouldnt use a quaaludes to screw any woman, thirteen or thirty.

    And fucking yes. 29 year old cubans fucking 13 years old girlfriends are pedophiles.

  • Polanski: great director, bad date. (Forgive the Denis Leary paraphrase.)

    Thirteen will get you twenty...

  • One more thing. We cannot be intellectually honest if we condemn the underage jinetera phenomena in Cuba and give a pass to Polanski. Sorry. They are both wrong.

  • bdariusz, does not matter if the 13 year old was willing; she's a minor. it's criminal and he should have known better and he needs to be punished. Let them chemically castrate him. Maybe he'll enjoy playing with his own boobs while in prison.

  • cubabuzz

    It's criminal now. But it's interesting to note just how recently this sort of behavior was perfectly legal and socially acceptable.

    Throughout most of the 19th century, the minimum age of consent for sexual intercourse in most American states was 10 years. In Delaware it was only 7 years. As late as 1930, twelve states allowed boys as young as 14 and girls as young as 12 to marry (with parental consent).

  • Sounds like your nostalgic for the olden days, buzz...

  • Hey Buzz, Slavery and indentured servitude was legal in the 19th century too; doesn't mean it was right or that it is ok to practice it today does it?

    Also, women were chattel back in the 18th and 19th century; did not have the right to vote in many states...I cannot fathom how you can defend this guy....if it was my daughter; I'd have pummeled him repeatedly with a Louisville Slugger.

  • Gigi

    I liiike that Polish law!! Why is Polanski still on the face of the earth? Siempre ha sido un asqueroso de primera categoria.

  • cubabuzz

    "I cannot fathom how you can defend this guy"

    I wasn't defending him. Where do you get that from? If anything, I was making the point that just because something used to be done one way 100 or 200 years ago, that doesn't make it right.

  • Buzz, learn to write clear sentences. Then nobody will be confused by what you've written.

  • theCardinal

    a pedophile rapist, skips out of town before sentencing, hobnobs with the wealthy, mocks the country and its justice system and is finally brought to justice...and that's a bad thing? If his name was Joe Smith or Pepe Gomez -the LA DA would be lauded for finally getting their man. But since Polanski is an ARTISTE he is somehow above the law.

  • Dave J.

    "'s interesting to note just how recently this sort of behavior was perfectly legal and socially acceptable."

    Dude, WTF? Even if she HAD been of legal age, she was drugged and repeatedly said no. Just when and in what universe was that ever NOT rape?

  • cubabuzz

    True enough about the drugging. But I was only talking about the 'minor' aspect of the case.

    Look, I wasn't trying to excuse Polanski or anything, and I am not doing it now. I was just making a point about how acceptable behavior has changed over the years.

    Speaking of rape, though ... apparently, New York became the first state to outlaw rape in marriage in 1978. And by 1990, only a total of ten states had outlawed rape in marriage. In thirty-six states rape in marriage was a crime only in certain circumstances.

    So there was a time, not that long ago, when a man could marry a female minor (by today's standards) and then force sex on her.

    People naturally tend to forget, or perhaps never realized, how much the world has changed within the span of a few generations.