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  • asombra: Didn’t Rousseau look pretty? Should have been a romance novelist and left it at that.

  • asombra: The Gross business was always dubious, and now it stinks like rotting fish. Whatever sympathy I had for the man is gone.

  • asombra: As for Whitehouse, he’s a classic condescending bigot. Jackass.

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Che Guevara is still dead

The following is an incomplete list of Cubans assassinated by Ernesto Che Guevara:

Vilau Abreu
Humberto Aguiar
German Aguirre
Pelayo Alayon
Jose Luis Alfaro
Pedro Alfaro
Mariano Alonso
Jose AlvaroAniella
Mario Ares Polo
Jose Ramon Bacallao
Ceverino Barrios
Eugenio Becker
Francisco Becker
Ramon Biscet
Roberto Calzadilla
Eufemio Cano
Juan Capote Fiallo
Antonio Carralero
Gertrudis Castellanos
Jose Castaño Quevedo
Raul Castaño
Eufemio Chala
Jose Chamace
Jose Chamizo
Raul Clausell
Angel Clausell
Demetrio Clausell
Jose Clausell
Eloy Contreras
Roberto Corbo
Emilio Cruz
Juan Felipe Cruz
Orestes Cruz
Humberto CuevasCuny
Antonio De Beche
Mateo Delgado
Armando Delgado
Ramon Despaigne
Jose Diaz Cabezas
Antonio Duarte
Ramon Fernandez Ojeda
Rudy FernandezFerran
AlfonsoSalvador Ferrero
Victor Figueredo
Eduardo Forte
Ugarde Galan
Rafael Garcia Muñiz
Adalberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia
Jacinto Garcia
Evelio Gaspar
Armada Gil
Jose Gonzalez Malagon
Evaristo Gonzalez
Ezequiel Gonzalez
Secundino Gonzalez
Ricardo Grao
Bonifacio Grasso
Ricardo Grau
Oscar Guerra
Julian Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez Leyva
Antonio Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez
Olegario Hernandez
Secundino Hernandez
Jesus Insua
Enrique Izquierdo
Osmin Jorrin
Silvino Junco
Enrique Larosa
Ignacio Laparra
Jesus Lazo
Ariel Lima
Lopez Vidal
Armando Mas
Enerlio Mata
Elpidio Mederos
Jose Medinas
Jose Mesa
Fidel Mesquia
Juan Milian
Francisco Mirabal
Luis Mirabal
Ernesto Morales
Pedro Morejon
Dr. Carlos Muiño
Cesar Necolardes Rojas
Victor Necolardes Rojas
Jose NuñezViterbo O'rreilly
Felix Oviedo
Manuel Paneque
Pedro Pedroso
Rafael Pedroso
Diego Perez Cuesta
Juan Perez
Diego Perez Crela
Jose Pozo
Emilio Puebla
Alfredo Pupo
Secundino Ramirez
Ramon Ramos
Pablo Ravelo
Ruben Rey
Mario Risquelme
Fernando Rivera
Pablo Rivera
Manuel Rodriguez
Marcos Rodriguez
Nemesio Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Jose Saldara
Pedro Santana
Sergio Sierra
Juan Silva
Fausto Silva
Elpidio Soler
Jesus Sosa Blanco
Renato Sosa
Sergio Sosa
Pedro Soto
Oscar Suarez
Rafael Tarrago
Teodoro Tellez
Francisco Tellez
Jose Tin
Francisco Travieso
Leonardo Trujillo
Lupe Valdes
Marcelino Valdes
Antonio Valentin
Manuel VazquezVerdecia
Damaso Zayas
Manuel Capitan
Juan Chang
Eutimio Guerra
Dionisio Lebrigio
Juan Lebrigio
El Negro Napoles
Chicho Osorio
Ramon Alba
Jose Barroso
Joaquin Casillas
Felix Cruz
Hector Mirabal
J. Mirabal
Felix Montano
Cornelio Rojas
Alejandro Garcia Olayon
Alejandro Rojas Vilalla

So tomorrow, the anniversary of the murderer's death, lets remember all of those he killed.

6 comments to Che Guevara is still dead

  • raylove54

    Asesino! En esa lista esta un amigo de mi padre de Camaguey, que se queme en el infierno con el resto de sus simpatizantes....

  • Watchit Val! As you know that list comes from a Cuban-American source, our friend Maria Werlau's Cuban Archive.

    It is therefore tainted, leprous, crackpotish and cannot be taken seriously in any serious circles.

    Fine, I retort when this comes up, "how about a study on Castroite murder by French Intellectuals which was published into English by Harvard Univ. press and which the New York Times considers "irrefutable!" Would that be better?"

    "Oh, of course! Certainly!

    Fine, then look it up in Stephane Courtois, and Jean-Louis Pannethe's Black Book of Communism which estimates 14,000 murdered by firing squad by the Castro-Che regime.

    In fact Maria's tally is much, much smaller. But since she's Cuban-born...well you know

  • Mr. Mojito

    But, but Jean Paul Sartre called him "our era's most perfect man" and the "most complete human being of our time" ... surely there has to be a mistake.


  • Larry Daley


    Rene Cuervo, a rebel (and neighbor) who made the mistake of bringing in much money from Santiago and being non-communist, so he was falsely accused and murdered.

  • [...] Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia. Fuck him, he’s as dead as Julius [...]