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“No More Che Day” in Gainesville

University of Florida students did something you rarely see on college campuses: They told the truth about the Butcher of La Cabaña. Holding up signs and passing out fliers, the students at UF were exposed to the reality behind the murderous Che, which few professors have the courage and integrity to teach.

As another birthday of Ernesto “Che” Guevara passes, University of Florida political science major Dayme Sanche, 20, holds a sign that says “Killed by Che” Friday on Turlington Plaza. Zachary Bennett/The Gainesville Sun

As another birthday of Ernesto “Che” Guevara passes, University of Florida political science major Dayme Sanche, 20, holds a sign that says “Killed by Che” Friday on Turlington Plaza. Zachary Bennett/The Gainesville Sun

UF students join in ‘No More Che Day’

By Ankita Rao

When University of Florida student Mauro Perez woke up Friday morning, he didn’t think he would be holding up posters and handing out fliers about Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

But when the Cuban-American junior saw a group of students spreading awareness against the late revolutionary who played a key role in socialist Cuba, Perez joined them.

Guevara, an Argentine Marxist and key figure in the Cuban Revolution, was executed 42 years ago Friday. While many label him a revolutionary, other say he was a terrorist.

The popular image of him in a beret and leather jacket adorns T-shirts, hats and buttons on campus, in specialty stores and online.

Perez was among the students at Turlington Plaza and at the Plaza of the Americas on Friday afternoon handing out fliers, T-shirts and posters for “No More Che Day.”

The white leaflets had the image of Guevara and his quotes such as “To execute a man we don’t need proof of his guilt.” The group told students about at least 180 documented murders of men, women and children they say have been committed by Guevara.

“I wouldn’t think people who wore his shirt would support him if they knew what he did,” said Chris DePaola, 20, communications chairman of the College Republicans, which supported Friday’s protest.

Almost half a century since the death of this monster, it is encouraging to see young college students standing up for the truth.

You can read the entire Gainesville Sun article HERE.

15 comments to “No More Che Day” in Gainesville

  • Rayarena

    But, but, what happened to the so-called generational shift that the mainstream media has been talking about since the 1970's?

    I thought that young Cubans didn't care about Cuba! They only care about social issues in the USA. Remember, the MSM said that young Cubans voted for Obama, they're democrats and they dont' give squat about Cuba.

    That young girl must be an imposter! She's probably one of those truly "repellent" viejas from Miami [just like the one in Oliphant's caricature] disguised as an 18 year old!

  • Go Gators... Sorry Humberto

  • antonio2009

    I am shocked that the Miami Herald didn't report this.

  • Jerome

    Good to see there's still some common sense amongst the young people.

  • antonio2009

    In the early 1970s, UF-Gainesville was the Alma Mater of convicted and accused Castro spies Carlos Alvarez, Marifeli Perez-Stable, Lisandro Perez, Raul "El Bizco" Alzaga, and their comrades.
    It was the birthplace of Areito magazine, the Antonio Maceo Brigade and other Castro propaganda fronts that were unable to transcend to a younger Cuban American generation.

  • dayme11

    Hello everyone,

    I found out that this was posted here and it is really interesting to see everyone's reactions. My name is Dayme Sanchez and I began this event at the University of Florida because I thought that it was important to educate the student body about who the real Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was and not the idolized Che that he is portrayed as. I think that many students wear his shirt or own a poster of him without knowing that he was a ruthless killer who murdered hundreds of people, abolished habeas corpus, freedom of speech and many other horrible crimes. It is important to be educated to make reasonable decisions and overall I think that many people got the message that he was a cruel man. Throughout the day I spoke with many students and teachers that were interested in what I was doing and appreciated it. There were also a few members of the National Socialist organization that were very mad and began to protest against us calling us liars and saying that there was freedom of speech in Cuba without any real support for their argument. But they were not able to overcome the momentum behind our movement and most of the people understood our message and I think there will be less people on campus wearing Che's shirt. Overall, I am really proud that so many students supported this and were there to help me spread the message. And I am glad that there are others out there who appreciate something like this.

  • Henry Agueros

    You make my point exactly. Several months ago you and I had a disagreement about the degree of commitment of Cubans against the castro dictatorship both in Cuba and outside the Island. If I remember correctly you were very doubtful about our people responding in any way or manner against the oppressor. The point I was trying to make to you at that time was that nothing is black or white.....there is much more gray in between.
    I think that my last words in that exchange of opinions was "so whats the alternative, sit back and cross our arms"
    It takes just a spark to lit a fire and WE must continue to produce that spark in any way or fashion. Here or there.
    Saludos...y VIVA CUBA LIBRE!

  • Rayarena


    I don't really disagree with you. I know that there are some Cubans there that are very committed to the cause for Cuban freedom. The youthful girl in the picture above is an example. It's just that there's a really large number of Cubans that couldn't care less about Cuba. I don't know if I've just been unlucky to come across so many of these resentidos, or if the sampling I've met are representative of the whole.

  • Tony:

    That makes this protest all the more special. It must give Marifeli, Lisandro, and the rest of those spies a wonderful feeling deep in their gut to see that after so many years and so much time invested by them to indoctrinate young minds, there are still young students proclaiming the truth.

  • antonio2009

    Marifeli Perez-Stable and Lisandro Perez, while pursuing pro-Castro political activism since the mid 1970s, squandered their time instead of publishing books. reveals that Lisandro Perez has never singly authored an academic book and Marifeli did not publish her first one until 1993, wasting 20 years that could have produced various books. Such is the fate of those who pursue espionage activities over academic work.

  • Larry Daley

    Not all UF graduates were

    radical left wingers

    Laurence (Larry) Daley

    BSA University of Floria 1964
    MSA University of Florida 1965

  • Spygirl


    You rock! Keep up the good work! I suggest that to counter the jerks wearing the Che t-shirts, you and your friends buy the counter-che t-shirts that you can buy on the web. A good source is; I wear mine and it drives leftists nuts that I dare to criticize their idol. Just a suggestion.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Why are we assuming that Lefties would be offended by the fact that he killed people ?

    I see youth walking around with t-shirts bearing the face of Al Capone all the time ... they don't seem to care that he was a murderer - in fact I fear that it may add a "coolness" factor.

  • verb0s

    I believe the College Republicans up and down the California coast celebrated No-Che Day
    I know the UCSD College Republicans were out there informing the public.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Looks like the UF Left has responded to defend their icon ...

    "Che is a hero, not a terrorist"