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End the travel restrictions for Cubans

Now that Bush is gone, and we have the Peace Messiah occupying the White House, Albor Ruiz' breathless anticipation of the lifting of all travel restrictions to Cuba is palpable.  He envisions a Cuba swarming with American tourists, never mind the recalcitrant anti-casto lobby.

Sadly, he doesn't mention the millions of Cubans held captive on the island gulag that won't be able to reciprocate, as they have no Human Rights, including the right to travel.  As is usual with the end-the-embargo crowd, the only thing that matters is them. 

The article is here.

2 comments to End the travel restrictions for Cubans

  • Rayarena

    Albor Ruiz is a particularly virulent strain of the well-known self-hating Cuban-American apologist and regime propagandist. Others we are familiar with are: Ana "horse face" Menendez, Lisandro Perez, Oscar Corral, Mirta Ojito, Marifeli Perez-Stable and the hideous parrot face Max Castro whom we fortunately don't hear from anymore.

    It's particularly odious how the mainstream media digs up these self-hating propagandists. Of course, there is a reason: if they are Cuban Americans, its hard to call them racists. Being Cuban Americans gives them a patina of legitimacy and makes their propaganda more believable. It really is a quite dastardly state of affairs as there is no balance in the press. There is not one Cuban American syndicated columnist that I can think of that gives a balanced coverage on Cuba.

  • theCardinal

    the truth is we always knew that the finger in the dike on this issue was George W. We knew his days were running low and instead of giving the go ahead to cut any kind of deal - no matter how meaningless we kept that finger in the dike. Now we have a guy eager to give away the whole store away for zip. Don't blame Obama, blame yourselves for being so unrealistic in thinking that we could hold off the inevitable forever.