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I’ll Take Manhattan

Here's to You New York
© 2009 by Michael A. Pancier, All Rights Reserved

Just taking a break from the daily political crap. Here's a pic I took last week in midtown.

Happy Columbus Day. Of course I can't figure out how if his last name was Colon, how the heck did they end up with Columbus?

13 comments to I’ll Take Manhattan

  • Wasnt his ñame Colombo?
    What, no shot of Columbus circle to conmemorate my people'a contribution to the world?

  • No Claudia. Colombo was a character played by Peter Falk. My favorite TV show in the 1970's.

    I didn't get any decent Columbus Circle shots since it was back-lit at the time.

    BTW, the paesan didn't give Cristóbal Colón any ducats for his trip; hence, he had to go to Spain ...

    Also, if memory serves me right, Colón was hip for Cuba too ...

  • Columbo was the detective. Cristoforo Colombo was his actual name.

  • Rayarena

    Not trying to take away from the Italians who take great pride in Columbus's alleged Italian heritage, but there is a growing theory that's backed up by substantial evidence that Columbus was actually 100% Spanish. The theory claims that he was a Sephardic Jew from Catalonia [I believe] and that he concocted this Italian story, because at the time what with Toquemada going around persecuting Jews, it wasn't too wise to openly proclaim oneself a Jew.

    Anyhow, the theory rests among other things on Columbus's personal letters where there is no indication in his writing style whatsoever of any italianicisms as one would expect of an Italian immigrant to Spain, but its actually far more complicated than that, I just can't remember the other details.

  • Rayarena, if Colón was Jewish, then instead of discovery Hispanola and Cuba, he'd have landed in Brooklyn in seach of a good pastrami sandwich. I'm still having visions of the one I had at the Carnegie Deli last week.

  • Rayarena

    No Mike, Colon could still be Jewish, why else did Havana have Calle Obipso which was Cuba's answer to the lower east side? In the definitive book on Cuban Jews, "Tropical Diaspora," the author, Robert M. Levine, talks about wonderful Jewish delis in Old Havana where everything from vanilla and chocolate soda water to Matzoh Ball soup, pastrami sandwiches on rye bread and dill pickles in barrels were the call of the day! Just like NYC's famed Katz's Deli.

    So there! That's proof that Columbus was Jewish! He founded Obipso Street! LOL..

  • The skyline of NYC is incomplete. The wound will never heal...

  • George, and it should never heal!

  • George- thanks for backing me up.
    Rayarena- you're killing me! Just this one day!
    Mike- Nyah and mmmmmm pastrami. Mmmmmm beeeeeer.

  • Rayarena


    Well even though I still think that Columbus was Spanish, don't feel bad! Don't forget that an Italian invented one of the greatest inventions of all time! The telephone was invented by an Italian immigrant living in Cuba [I forget his name] even while Alexander Graham Bell got the credit!

  • cubabuzz

    Rayarena ... I suspect you are thinking of Antonio Meucci. There are a lot of claims about what he did or did not do, and when or where, so it is all sort of muddled.

  • Rayarena

    Cubabuzz, yes, I was referring to Antonio Meucci.

  • Henry Agueros

    Thank all you guys for giving me a good laugh tonight. Mike Cigar...I LOLed. Rayarena...brilliant response.
    Claudia4Libertad. I am proud to have Italian blood marry into my family. are right. My towns skyline is incomplete.
    Saludos to all.