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“We have achieved our objectives.”

"We have achieved our objectives," the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said after meeting with Cuban dictator Raul Castro yesterday. As far as the Spanish dignitary is concerned, relations between Cuba and Spain are now "normalized" after he proclaimed that "thanks to a new political reality between Cuba and Spain, we have the chance to support and foster efforts at cooperation."

That political reality, however, does not include the tens of thousands of political prisoners in Cuba and neither does it include the brutal repression of the Cuban people by the totalitarian regime that has been in power for the past half century.

Moratinos passed on a chance to visit dissidents, political activists, independent Cuban journalists or members of Havana-based human rights organizations, a break with the past when Spanish leaders often held such meetings and enraged the Cuban government.

Critics back home claimed he had stayed away for fear of angering President Castro — and that he had little to show for the effort. But that was before the sit-down with the Cuban head of state, which had not been announced beforehand by either side.

Of his decision to skip talks with the dissidents, Moratinos said he had "not come to Cuba to meet with any particular segment of Cuban society."

At least Moratinos was being honest when he said he did not come to Cuba to meet with any particular segment of Cuban society. He came to Cuba to meet only with those that have the power over Cuban society. The rest of Cuba is of little concern to the minister since they can do nothing to enrich his nation.

Here we have a perfect example of how effective a policy of engagement with the murderous Cuban dictatorship really is.

3 comments to “We have achieved our objectives.”

  • asombra

    Spain might as well drop their bullshit act, which nobody buys anyway, and just come clean with a statement like this:

    "Look, we're still pissed over 1898, because we expected to exploit Cuba in perpetuity, and we STILL fully intend to do that by any available means, as much as possible and as long as possible. If Cubans don't like it, we don't give a shit. We never did."

    It wouldn't change much, but at least it would remove the disgusting hypocrisy now in place. An honest SOB is better than a hypocritical SOB.

  • Ecosse81251

    Sr. FM Moratinos -

    "...Porque NO Te Callas?..."

  • Meanwhile Jorge Moragas, a spokesman for Spain's conservative Popular Party said in a radio interview that Cuba's communist system "falls far short of democratic standards, and that the head of Spanish diplomacy is acting with profound irresponsibility"

    Falls far short? That doesn't even begin to cover it. What of bunch of ##**!#$!!!