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Good news & Bad news

First, the good news:

The magnanimous Cuban dictatorship has decided to free Nelson Aguiar, a 64-year-old electrician who was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being arrested during the Black Spring crackdown of 2003. According to the regime and the Spanish government, the release was a gesture of goodwill by Cuba's slave masters after the visit by Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Now the bad news:

At the rate of one prisoner per event, it is going to take tens of thousands of visits by high-ranking Spanish officials promising $50-million donations to the Castro family retirement fund to get all current political prisoners in Cuba released. When you take into consideration the busy schedules of foreign dignitaries, many of those prisoners may have to wait a few hundred years for their release.

It is really a brilliant business scheme by the regime when you consider that with over 11-million prospects for imprisonment on the island, they have a seemingly never-ending supply of hostages to sell.

4 comments to Good news & Bad news

  • theCardinal

    It is time to stop looking at the political prisoners in Cuba as that and realize that they are hostages. It was a brilliant manuever on FC's part. While the world was busy bitching at W for invading Iraq FC does this massage sweep of dissidents. Jails them for ridiculously long terms which we all know they won't ultimately serve. The idea is that when the time comes to negotiate with anyone he can deal these "prisoners" and not give up anything substantial. It makes it look like he is making concessions when in fact he has not lost a damned thing. Meanwhile the world buys into this crap.

  • theCardinal

    holy crap - I meant massive not massage...don't even want to know what I was thinking about.

  • You nailed it on the head, Cardinal.

  • I'm surprised they're not selling the people's blood. Oh wait, they already did that...

    Great post Alberto, ditto what theCardinal said, you nailed it.