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Rubio to Crist: Jump the fence already, Democrat.

More on Rubio from the American Spectator: Marco gets it.

6 comments to Rubio to Crist: Jump the fence already, Democrat.

  • Felixthe3rd

    My man, Marco is going to get this. Call him out on his bullshittery!

  • MMerchant

    Question is, will he jump the fence before or after he leaps out of the closet?

  • Marco Rubio never ceases to disappoint in interviews/speeches. He always answers the questions with a directness and fluidity few possess. There's a chance he might not win the nomination because of the RINO wusses in Florida, but I would hate to be Charlie Crist and think about having to run against him at this stage of the game.

  • Alley Kat

    We can't ignore the power of grassroots movements, true conservatives have remained passive long enough and the RINOs have taken over center stage. Now is the time to put forth the greatest effort yet - - DONATE- VOLUNTEER- SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    I spoke to a lady about Marco Rubio at my daughter's home school enrichment organization a couple of weeks ago. The lady had never heard of Marco but she did go home and do a little research. Well, today I got an email from her and she will be working for his campaign! How 'bout them apples?

    Go Marco!

  • Mr. Mojito

    Question is, will he jump the fence before or after he leaps out of the closet?

    :) hahaha

    Let's hope the wealthy "Estefans" and Co. of Miami are opening their pocket books.

    As Cigar Mike learned recently - victory takes MONEY $$$

  • David Sandoval

    Yes! A health insurance system that is actually a free market -- where the end-user, the patients, the individuals like you and me actually get to choose! That creates competition. Right now, if we get a raw deal from health insurance, who do we complain to? Try to convince our employer to change? Fat chance. I agree 100% with Marco on this.