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The confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Courtesy of MyThomsonGitmo.

On March 10, 2007, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad stood before a U.S. military Combatant Status Review Tribunal to determine if he met the criteria to be classified as an “enemy combatant.” The public record of the hearing consists of a 26-page transcript and a 54:12-minute recording.

If you listen to the tape or watch the video (above), it’s clear that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed understood the difference between information he surrendered while under duress and information he volunteered while not under duress, stating four times that he felt no force or coercion to offer his confession.

We here at MyThomsonGitmo encourage you to watch the video and listen to the mpg in entirety. If nothing else, you may gain a new appreciation for the term “enemy combatant” as well as al Qaeda’s religious determination to kill you.

Watch the whole thing. This is the man who beheaded Daniel Pearl and is proud of it. And the liberals and progressives call us the barbarians for waterboarding this piece of dog shit.

(H/T MyPetJawa)

1 comment to The confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

  • raylove54

    Waterboarding you see is torture, but what Khalid Sheikh Muhammad did can only be considered torture if he used a dull knife, you see. That why we need civilian trials.
    So we can get at the truth of the matter through the process of discovery. Also what state of mind was the Sheik in, was he temporarily insane, these things can only be ascertained through proper psychological evaluation, it's hard to get that in a military setting. Just think of all the employment one trial could create for Doctors,Psychologists,Expert witnesses, just think of all the possibilities! The ruling class knows what they are doing, it's the slave class that's unruly and thinks they know but they don't better leave all the hard decisions to Obama and Inmanuel go back to debating whether Fido is dead or alive.