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Babalu at CPAC 2010

I meant to give you all the rundown of that happenings and occurrences of the CPAC convention, but the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo had to take precedence over anything else this past week. Obviously, the hunger strikes in Cuba by freedom activists like Coco Fariñas and others will continue to dominate the news and this blog so I just wanted to publish this quick post and give you all a brief heads up on CPAC.

First, Marco Rubio, as you all have already seen, ignited the CPAC crowd with his opening key note address. Had a couple sitting next to me in the audience from California that had only briefly heard of Marco prior to his address. By the time Marco was finished, both were on their feet, applauding furiously and each proudly wearing a Marco Rubio sticker on their person. The gentleman turned to me, extended his hand for a shake and said: "That young man will tear Charlie Crist apart. I love Cuban-Americans."

He took home a couple of Cuban Crafters Cigars.

I had promised you all an interview with Marco, but the minute he finished his address, he was swarmed by press, well wishers, politicos, bloggers, etc... each wanting of piece of him. And, since we all know Marco and where he stands on the issues and obviously since I have access to him here in Miami, I ceded my time to all the other folks at the convention who wouldn't ordinarily get the chance to chat him up in person.

I dont want to spend too much time on the speeches by other luminaries, but do take the time to take in Jim Demint, Michelle Bachmann, Andrew Breitbart and John Bolton, especially, and the rest at the CPAC website.

There were a slew of conferences, seminars and other meetings throughout the three days, and I attended as many as I could, but, again, I think our time right now is better spent concentrating on the heartbreaking and historical events taking place on our little island in the Caribbean.

I promise to do my best to put together more from the CPAC trip, especially on the privilege I had of meeting some very outstanding people, including many bloggers that have supported Babalu from day one whom I've never had the honor of meeting in person.

I'd be remiss if I didnt thank you all once again for your donations that made the trip possible. It was a tremendous experience.

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