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Chile’s Michelle Bachelet: Human Rights Crusader!!!

A bill signed into law in December by President Michelle Bachelet that created the National Institute for Human Rights also established an advisory commission to certify victims of forced disappearance, politically-motivated murder or imprisonment and torture under the Pinochet dictatorship.

Perhaps I missed them? But did anyone notice any of the following terms anywhere in that article: "'intrasigence?" "Living-in-the-past?" "Holding-a-grudge?" "Hard-liner?"

Did anyone notice recommendations from enlightened parties to Ms Bachelet for: "moving-forward" or "Borrron y Cuenta?"

maybe my eyes are gettin bad........?

3 comments to Chile’s Michelle Bachelet: Human Rights Crusader!!!

  • Honey

    I am reading wonderful Jay Nordlinger's Here, There, & Everywhere. He has 33 pages on Cuba. If I could only force feed these pages to my liberal friends.
    What is it going to take to get through to the free world about Cuba?

  • Mr. Mojito

    Honey, Nothing. The "free world" has to many of their fantasies and dreams invested in what they think Cuba is. If the "free world" admitted they were wrong all this time in Cuba, then they would be forced to reevaluate everything they ever believed. Most people aren't willing to give themselves that sort of uncomfortable moment - where all their illusions come crashing down. We are competing against a fantasy and reality can never beat that.

  • Rayarena


    I think that part of the problem is that the regime spends so many resources to misinform the world. Remember, they have an entire country with all of its resources at its disposal--a seat at the U.N., embassies or missions in every country, ambassadors and cultural attaches in everywhere, a national press [Prensa Latina], book fairs, film festivals, youth and women's fairs, a plethora of symposia, etc...

    What do we have???: a handful of blogs. We don't even have an English language newspaper at our disposal, and the formerly powerful Cuban American National Foundation is for all practical purposes defunct.

    We do have some film makers and authors, like the late Reinaldo Arenas, Leon Ichaso, etc.., but they are just a few compared to what the other side has. Let me add that the regime is so clever that they even have Cuban American "intellectuals" working for them. I'm not going to give the long list of Cuban Americans who are apologist for the regime, but we know who they are from horse-faced authors and indicted sex offending journalists who used to work at the Miami Herald to Sociology professors in major universities, etc...