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Hold on to your hats!: “Majority of Americans (polled) FAVOR (so-called) embargo!”

"Forty per cent of Americans say the embargo of Cuba should remain, while 36 per cent want it eliminated, and almost half affirm they would never visit the island even if permitted. All this according to a BBC/Harris released Tuesday."

Entire staggering thing in Spanish here.

Has anyone out there ever read or heard --or even heard of--an editorial in any major media organ anyplace on the face of this globe FAVORING sanctions against Cuba? As mentioned, even the late William F Buckley argued against it--as does Rush Limbaugh, as does the Wall Street Journal. And let's not even get into the MSM....So where does such a large chunk of the U.S. public pick up such dreadfully intransigent and blockheaded notions? one hope for the basic sense and decency of the American people after all. And after this last Presidential election, this news couldn't have come soon enough.


4 comments to Hold on to your hats!: “Majority of Americans (polled) FAVOR (so-called) embargo!”

  • cubabuzz

    Humberto, while the stats you picked out are nice, they are only a small part of the story. Some of the other questions are very telling. In particular:

    49% of Americans believe Obama should visit Cuba, at some point during his Presidency. Only 26% outright oppose this.

    64% think that Obama has made just enough or not enough overtures to Cuba. Only 10% think he has done too much as it is.

    "almost half affirm they would never visit the island even if permitted"

    Actually, that is not what that one survey question asked. It asked people to respond to the statement: "If possible, I would like to visit Cuba". Even if you respond negatively, that doesn't automatically mean you wouldn't go (e.g., some of these people might still go if work required it, or if someone planned a wedding there, or whatever ... it's just that they have no desire or plans to go, right now).

    I mean, you can ask people that same question about Canada or England or France or Egypt or Mexico or whatever, and you will get a very high proportion of people answering No. Keep in mind, the State Department says that less than 30% of Americans have passports suggesting that very few are remotely interested in any international travel whatsoever. Be it to Cuba or anywhere else.

    In summary, I think the poll results are not as positive as that news site of yours appears to be suggesting.

  • Cato

    I don't care what the majority thinks, following the will of the majority got Castro into power ("Fidel esta es tu casa" " Si Fidel es comunista pon me en la lista" IDIOTS) and creeping democratic powers have made a mess of the US. Democracy is fine BUT it must be confined within constitutional limits that protect both individual and property rights no matter what the (revolting) masses say.

  • [...] other day I kind of woke up with the news, via Babalú Blog, that a new poll found that there is little clamor for change in the U.S. embargo on Cuba. [...]