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Senate Republicans stall Obama’s ambassador pick over Cuba concerns

Derailed? We hope so.

5 comments to Senate Republicans stall Obama’s ambassador pick over Cuba concerns

  • Melek


    As the article states ... she has been around since the Clinton administration ... patiently waiting . . . progressives are good at lurking around hoping that people forget or get tired so they can seize the opportunity when the "ideal" conditions arise. We must not forget this!

    I'm proud that Senator DeMint represents my state and has this country's best interest at heart!

    I wish you well :) Melek

    “We live in an era when all undesirable facts are often blindly labeled “conspiracy theories” by political operatives with an agenda at risk.”~ J.B. Williams

  • So what's the 'freakin fuss with this poor woman?

    "...her past relationship to Roberto Tamayo, who had raised concern at the FBI over "possible ties to the Cuban government" and "repeated trips there.."

    Well, if that's a crime nowadays? Then let's pull up the paddy wagons in front of every Think Tank and Liberal Arts Faculty Dept. in this country!....not to mention the offices of the American Farm Bureau, U.S. Rice Growers Assoc., Soybean Growers Assoc. etc. etc. etc.....rush inside, and get to work with the billy-clubs and handcuffs!

    Hey!....the more I say it--the BETTER it SOUNDS!

  • Henry Agueros

    Oh ohhhhhhhhh....Do we have another ANA BELEN MONTES waiting in the shadows ??

  • Felixthe3rd

    That's a fantastic end quote, Melek!

    Warning what I am about to say might offend some, but then again what doesn't offend anyone these days? So if you are easily offended AVERT YOUR EYES NOW:

    Those who seek the truth are NOT fringe anything! (I'm speaking about those who call for investigations on anything that seem odd or out of line with our constitution. Oh yes, you kow what I'm talking about.) They just want truth and justice, goddamn it!(<--offensive part. :^o {OMG!})

    It is now safe to look. I just had to get my rant in there.

  • Felixthe3rd


    The more I read it the more AWESOME it would be if we just corralled all these Anti-American, Pro-Dictator, boot licking, Champagne socialist, limousine liberal assholes, revoke their citizenships and send them to either a 3rd world country making examples of anyother asshole who want to imitate them, or try them in courts as spies, since they technically conspire against us whena, they're not here, to dictators (I.e. ala Sean Penn to Hugo Chavez). THEN send them packing.All to the joyous chorus of "Na na na-na! Na na na-na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!" Ah! only in a perfect world--Waitaminute! In a perfect world we wouldn't be in any messes, sorry. Only in a great Republic! To liberty and justice for all, my friends!