Say no to “car-guy” diplomacy

While the butchers in La Habana continue their bloody work, they also find there is no shortage of useful idiots willing to prop up their image:

visits UNITED STATES To Judge at Major Concours d’Elegance

They call it “car guy” diplomacy, and never mind reality, because:

There is an important link to American history and the automotive heritage of Cuba; as embargo laws prevented the importation of vehicles to Cuba, Cuban enthusiasts have kept some of the most beloved American cars of the 1950s alive and running through innovation, improvisation and creativity for more than 50 years. Though these vehicles have not been seen in the U.S. for that long, generations atop generations of Cuban families have taken care of and passed down these amazing American relics, in addition to other great collectible automobiles from around the world.

Contact info for The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Office:

3016 Mercury Road South
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Office:  (904) 636-0027
Fax: (904) 636-0171

or electronically at:

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