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Rapid Response Brigades attack in New Orleans! (Updated)

Thats Allee in the middle

That's Allee in the middle

I hate to ask this, but: did any of the Ladies in White suffer concussions and get their legs, jaws and noses broken by their assailants?

During the Southern Republican Leadership Conference this week-end, Allee Bautch, (Republican governor Bobby Jindal's petite campaign fundraiser) and her boyfriend got all of the above and more.

"They're wearing Palin pins!" the petite Ms Bautsch heard the attackers yell as they prepared to pounce. "Let's get 'em!"

Entire Republican intransigence here.

And you will never in a million, gazillion, trillion years guess who some of these "protestors" sported on their t-shirts! Check out the video!


Update (Val): Michelle Malkin is reporting in her latest update that there were no Palin Pins involved. However, this does not mean that the victims weren't attacked for their political ideologies, there were numerous protests at the SLRC, with the usual anarchist crazies and such. Will follow up, stay tuned.

(Update, Humberto) New evidence points to the attacks being INDEED "politically-motivated." No robbery took place, plus:

"I am the photographer for the LA GOP and I was at the Brennan fundraiser. When I left about one hour or so after all 3 of the governors left the crowd of protesters had grown. They were very nasty....As I left the restaurant I was yelled at – there was a family visiting the restaurant with a baby stroller – they had nothing to do with the fundraiser and they were being heckled using the “F” and “MF” words."

Linked below is a pic of the protester bunch in front of Brennans Restaurant, from where the beating victims emerged. The bunch looks identical to the protester bunch earlier in front of the Hilton with the Che t-shirt....same signs, etc.

Entire updated intransigence here.


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