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An awesome conservative voice

There's still hope when the Ryans and the Rubios are around...

4 comments to An awesome conservative voice

  • Mr. Mojito

    Remember November !!!

    Down with Marxism-Lite

  • Felixthe3rd

    Sounds good to me. Has anyone here heard of Gary Johnson? Republican, Former governor of New Mexico, ran a positive campaign focusing on the issues rather than attacking the opponents, and Won. He didn't raise taxes as Governor once. He vetoed over 1,000 spending items. He cut taxes 14 times. In a state dominated 2 to 1 by Democrats he served two terms. He left New Mexico with a balanced budget. He competed in the Bataan Death March, a 25 mile desert run in combat boots wearing a 35-pound backpack. He climbed to the top of Mount Everest, despite a broken leg. Great candidate to get behind if he ever ran for prez.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Felix, is Gary Johnson the GOP "legalize Marijuana" NM Gov that was on Real Time with Bill Maher?

  • Felixthe3rd

    Yup. The legalization of marijuana thing is just apart of his solution to solving the economy (Amazingly he doesn't do drugs or drink so it's not a "hey let's all get high, become stoners and doing nothing" type of thing.) Check out his Three Point Plan for Economic Prosperity.


    Free markets and limited government are the foundation of prosperity. Economic policy should foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and individual choice, not direct economic activity to satisfy political interests in Washington. Americans should be free to make their own economic decisions because individuals, not government, know what is best for themselves and their families. This freedom unleashes the creativity and enterprising spirit that fuels economic opportunity and an equal playing field for all Americans.

    To achieve these goals, the U.S. must adopt three approaches:

    1) SLASH EXPENDITURE: Excess spending is rampant in the U.S. budget, producing an unsustainable path for federal debt. The U.S. must restrain spending across the board:

    * Scale back entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which threaten to bankrupt the nation’s future.
    * Eliminate the costly and ineffective military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan; target defense spending to actions that truly protect the United States.
    * Stop spending on the fiscal stimulus.
    * Reduce subsidies for agriculture, transportation, energy, housing, and all other special interests.

    2) CUT TAXES: The U.S. tax system imposes an enormous toll on productivity through high marginal rates, absurd complexity, loopholes for the well-connected, and incentives for wasteful decisions. The government must lower the tax burden to stimulate the economy. This means:

    * Eliminate punitive taxation of savings and investment.
    * Simplify the tax code; stop using it to reward special interests and control behavior.
    * Adopt a flat tax on income or consumption.

    3) SHRINK FEDERAL INVOLVEMENT IN THE ECONOMY: Much federal intervention is a payout to special interests or counterproductive meddling that stifles competition, innovation, and growth. We should:

    * Reject auto and banking bailouts, state bailouts, corporate welfare, cap-and-trade, card check, and the mountain of regulation that protects special interest rather than benefiting consumers or the economy.
    * Restrict Federal Reserve policy to maintaining price stability, not bailing out financial firms or propping up the housing sector.
    * Eliminate government support of Fannie and Freddie.
    * Reduce or eliminate federal involvement in education; let states expand successful reforms such as vouchers and charter schools.
    * Legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana; emphasize harm reduction for other drugs.
    * Expand free trade and legal immigration.

    Shame that Maher only wanted to talk pot with him rather that the issues at hand. What could you expect from THE stoner "comedian" I put that in quotes because he's just a freakin' douche nozzle instead of a comic.