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  • Carolinasympatica: I believe that there is something to this, and this started a long time ago, around 1973 to be exact.

  • Humberto Fontova: I’m hearing his illness developed very shortly after visiting Spain…

  • Rayarena: You’re right Prof. Eire, people who are inconvenient to castro die convenient deaths all of the time. They either...

  • Humberto Fontova: Thanks for the link, Professor! Oye pero mira que aqui en Babalu se aprenden cosas (often historical) interesantes!

  • Carlos Eire: Ñoooooooooo !!!! Coulter has surpassed the greatest insult-meister of all time. No, not Don Rickles, but Martin Luther. Here...

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Socialist Productivity

Cuba's sugar harvest worst in over a century.

Maybe raul and company can call on the fine folks at ACORN and the SEIU to come on over and help cut cane while crowing "Venceremos!"

13 comments to Socialist Productivity

  • FreedomForCuba

    The saddest part of this story is that the Cuban economy has been totally destroyed by the Castro tyranny.

    Today the island survives only on tourism, Hugo Chavez support and Cuban exiles remittances and travels to the island.

    It is so sad to witness all these years that the most prosperous island in the Caribbean before 1959 has been wrecked beyond repair and become a third world country.

  • pototo

    Thanks to revisionist historians the world may never know the truth.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Yes pototo, that's the sad part of the story.

    At least sites like Babalu are posting the truth of what happens in Cuba to the world.
    Unfortunately we're constantly labeled as right wing intransigent hardliners for doing so.

    Never in my life I have witnessed so much distortion and such a concerted effort by the MSM and the lefties to portray the lie as a truth and the truth as a lie.

  • Mambí

    So true Pototo, so friggin true. Those scumbag liberal/leftists will distort the entire history and try to lay the blame on the US and the 'hardline', evil exiles that 'ran US policy' toward the island.

    50 years of a failed nightmare, and you still have people defending, or enabling that sick regime and its worthless system. The liberal/left controls the information environment and we have to fight mightily every day to get the truth out.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "50 years of a failed nightmare, and you still have people defending, or enabling that sick regime and its worthless system. "

    So sad and so true...

  • Mambí

    FFC, like I've said before...we're at WAR...and we need to strap on a pair of Cojones and get right back in their face. The liberal/leftists are unprincipled, uncompromising scumbags, peddling childish utopias to an ignorant, ill-informed populace. For the sake of this great nation that has given us so much, and for the one many of us hold dear in our hearts, we need to be unforgiving warriors at this crucial point in our history.

    You're one of those warriors...never give up the fight!

    Now, excuse me while I put on my white smock with the big red Cross, mount my white stallion, and like my Iberian ancestors, charge off to continue the 'Reconquista'...of our great civilization.

  • drillanwr

    Global warming and Bush's fault.

    Perhaps the castro regime can call the congressional democrat black caucus for a bailout.

  • Lazaro

    Well, we sold the USSR grain after they destroyed the Ukrainian grain industry; we might as well sell sugar to Cuba. Eventually we will be selling coffee to Venezuela and coca by-product to Bolivia.

  • Orlando

    Not all production is down in Cuba...concerts are up by about 500%.

  • Mr. Mojito

    Where's Hillary and the Venceremos Brigidistas?



    Oh yeah, in the White House :(

  • David Sandoval

    "Vamos bien"

  • Orlando,

    That was absolutely brilliant.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "Vamos bien jodio..."