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Cuba Nostalgia, crying game edition

So Val lost it again. Tears in his mojito.

In the five years I've know him, I've seen him lose it on many occasions, Val being an emotional Cuban to the core. Today, he lost it because he told us how lucky he was to have all of us participating in a venture that started out as an online journal about Cuba because nobody else -- except the redoubtable and always excellent George Utset -- was writing about the country of our birth.

Great trees grow from small acorns, Val, and this magnificent creation you called "BabaluBlog," has transcended its original intent. If only because there are so many of us who desperately want to speak the truth. To proclaim what is right and just, about Cuba and about the rest of the world.

You don't have to thank us, Val. we have to thank you.

13 comments to Cuba Nostalgia, crying game edition

  • I concur Pitbull, thank you Val.

  • drillanwr

    Gracias, Val y toda la Comunidad de Babalu.

    And thank the internet gods for 'free translation' sites ... heh! I really should have stayed awake and paid attention in high school Spanish class.

  • David Sandoval

    The grand-daddy of all Cuban blogs! Yes!

  • There are not enough words to describe what Babalu means to me. Not only because of this amazing legacy that my uncle and the rest of the Babalu contributors are leaving, but because of the amazing people I have met as a result. It is a true labor of love. Thank you, Val.

  • Mambí

    Bravo to Babalu, Val, and all those who make it the awesome beacon it is!

  • marc in calgary

    gracias Val and to the other posters for making Babalu this "Island on the Net" and for your stance always on the side of Freedom.

  • Wahiro

    Thank you Val.
    And the first wounded and shed first blood for Babalublog Alberto De La Cruz.

  • Cubanita

    George is right. Thank YOU, Val and Babalu Blog contributors for being a tru inspiration for so many of us, the aprendices scattered everywhere!

  • FreedomForCuba

    Thanks Val, it was an honor been there when you thanked us for contributing to Babalu because the truth is that without you being the force that unleashed Babalu, the truth about Cuba would be hidden from the masses.

    The truth is that Babalu grew from a grain of sand into what it is now and even the Miami-Herald acknowledges its existence as they featured you today in their pages.

    Today at the even I witness how many people stopped by to see what Babalu is all about. That my friend is something you must be very proud of.

  • FreedomForCuba

    “And the first wounded and shed first blood for Babalublog Alberto De La Cruz.”


    Alberto will be getting a band-aid for that dramatic wounded in battle performance worthy of an Academy award.

  • paul vincent zecchino


    Thank you for Babalublog and your relentless efforts and those of your correspondents who daily expose the truth.

    The monopolistic left-slouching press handed victory to castro by endlessly propagandizing for him. Had they not so done, he and his bunch likely would have long ago come to an ignominious end.

    Many Americans have for too long been confused by two distinct Cubas.

    The Cuba of which we know, thanks to many brave reporters of truth, is a modern day chamber of horrors.

    The Cuba about which many Americans falsely believe to be true is a workers' paradise in which 'health care' is 'free', and whose potential has been hampered solely by a 'blockade'.

    Babalublog daily demolishes these stale media lies and tells the truth, to the unending dismay of the now discredited leftist press and the tyrants for whom they shill.

    Thank you.

    Truth outs. Always.

    Nothing stays buried forever.

    Babalublog lays bare the media's fantasies about castro and Cuba, and takes a wrecking ball to them.

    From this, only good things can come.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    22 May, 2010

  • Honey

    You know I love babalu.
    Thank you, Val and all the rest.

  • Gigi

    Super Dittos -- thanks Val + all the writers and posters for making this site so special.