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Those 11 arrests, “Tip of iceberg. Many more to follow in Miami Area”

* Prominent figures in South Florida under investigation and net is closing (one figure was very close to a U.S. Presidential candidate)

* Vicky Pelaez had major contacts in Miami and was frequent traveler to Cuba where she met with DGI

* Major arrests coming in South Florida.

Sensationalist?....Perhaps. But I quote Arturo Cobo, who helped uncover the WASP network.

Don't miss this interview with him on Maria Elvira. knew it was coming, right?

7 comments to Those 11 arrests, “Tip of iceberg. Many more to follow in Miami Area”

  • Felixthe3rd

    We have a saying...."Hay mas comunistas aqui en Miami (o en el EE.UU) que hay en Cuba." Which is true.

  • firefly

    Why am I not surprised... I can think of two that fit the profile perfectly. I just bet these individuals were in attendance in gloria's and emilio's "fund raiser" with President Obama.

  • La Conchita

    Ok - so we now have "proof" that Cuba is engaged in drug traffic and drug money laundering. So when do we begin "Operation Just Cause II"???

    Hell - the U.S. has a base in Cuba. Shouldn't take that long to "arrest" Raul and the rest of the Deck of Cards.

  • Rayarena

    I can think of a few well-known "academicians" [i.e. Cuba experts] that fit the profile!

  • pototo

    So when do we know? If its at all related to Obama I doubt we will ever know.

  • asombra

    There are quite a few people in this country, Cuban and otherwise, who are so dubious with respect to Cuba that they should never be taken as credible on anything Cuba-related, let alone as Cuba experts. However, many of them are still treated as if they were indeed trustworthy, despite the distinct stench of bad faith (or worse) emanating from everything they say about Cuba. Of course these people are disgusting, but so are those who enable them. The enablers, in fact, may be worse, because they presume to pass as "balanced" and "objective" when they would never similarly enable dubious voices favoring or justifying right-wing tyranny or abuses. Would HuffPo have ever sponsored the daughter of a top Pinochet government official as a reputable commentator on Chile, for instance? Uh, no. So why is it doing that with Margarita Alarcon, the daughter of a top Castro government official? Would the Miami Herald have ever employed someone who had been an openly pro-Hitler activist as a commentator on Israel? Uh, NO. So why does it employ Marifeli Perez-Stable, who was an openly pro-Castro activist? You do the math. It's as easy as it is repugnant.

  • theCardinal

    where is super sleuth. Lt. Col Simmons? I'm sure he KNEW about this... He always knows. Oh that's right he only accuses people that don't actually get arrested. Yeah, I'm sniping for no good reason but I have yet to see him get one right since he started popping up on TV.