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BREAKING NEWS (UPDATED): Cuban prisoner deportations suspended

I have yet to get confirmation, but I'm told the Cuban government has suspended their "magnanimity" and the political prisoners set to be "released" to Spain today will not be released.

I'm also told the meeting at the US Interests Section with the families of those political prisoners who did not wish to be repatriated has also been suspended.

Will post more as info comes in.

Update: I am also being told that it's not just those scheduled to be "released" today, but all subsequent releases as well.

Update: AFP is reporting that the prisoners have not made it to Spain for a lack of seats on flights from Cuba, and that the expulsions will continue later this week.

Personally I don't know if I can put too much stock into the AFP report, but it may very well be true. However, one thing is for certain, you can bet that the regime isn't taking the news of those "released" prisoners calling on the EU to maintain its stance on Cuba too well.

UPDATE 5:30 pm: The Real Cuba reports that the meeting between dissident families and the US officials did in fact take place.

Dissidents who opt for banishment to Spain may not be able to seek asylum from the US at a later date and will most likely have to go through standard immigration channels if they wish to come to the US.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Radio Marti is reporting that former political prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya received his exit visa from the Cuban government to come to the US.

11 comments to BREAKING NEWS (UPDATED): Cuban prisoner deportations suspended

  • Honey

    Are you pulling our leg? This seems too good to be true.

  • Not pulling your leg, Honey. That's what Im being told at the moment. I havent been able to confirm and am a bit wary of porting the news without same, but I felt it too important to wait for official confirmation.

  • asombra

    Oh, dear. Imagine that. Castro, Inc. having a spiteful fit, taking its ball and going home when it didn't get what it expected (Bad Moratinos! Bad dog!). All that generosity and humanitarianism and willingness to "change" thrown out the window and shown up for what it really was: a cynical ploy to look better, buy time and get concessions in exchange for cosmetic (and ultimately meaningless) gestures. Imagine that, indeed.

  • Honey

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if it were not true, but so much of the bad news is getting out despite the msm and other useful idiots trying to make this seem so great, that it became true?

  • pototo

    Just a different colored Burqa
    The events as of late of castro's toying with the world markets by giving the impression of liberating political prisoners remind me of a Burqa change. In reality castro was only liberating himself of the political prisoners as it was bad press for him. They were being deported, exiled, etc. He was being freed of the bad press by getting rid of them and then being rewarded for doing so. But this all reminds me of a repressive Islamic country that forces its women to wear burqas. Lets say there is an outcry and rather than allowing the women to stop wearing burqas they simply tell them that they can wear burqas that are other than black in color. The burgas never left they only looked different. And so it is with Cuba. NOTHING has changed at the top. One thing that should stand out at this time is that castro is back in the spotlight and that is no coincidence. Perhaps the releasing of the prisoners which was an obvious show of weakness on raul's part stirred fidel out of his wheelchair. I for one see a power struggle going on between the two brothers and their followers. Both of which are bad. I strongly believe Cuba is finally at the point of breaking and that is why they even started with the concessions albeit with wicked intentions. If the US and others come to Cuba's rescue now Cuba will NEVER be free. If we allow them to go over the edge we may finally see the walls come dowm. The opposition is standing strong and castro's plas have all backfired. Lets watch this drama unfold and perhaps even watch the castros detsroy each other and save us alot of work.

  • [...] to be released and expelled from the country – the deportations are apparently suspended: BREAKING NEWS: Cuban prisoner deportations suspended. At the same time, Ricardo Alarcón, the president of the Cuban parliament, claims that the [...]

  • theCardinal

    at the end of the day let's face it, we have been played. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that Raul will do as he says and release (not free) whoever wants to go to Spain. So what happens if he lets go of the other dozen or more that want to stay in Cuba, what then? What happens if he follows it up with some BS changes in the market? The US is going to be forced to make a concession. It is going to be very difficult to win this PR war. Castros held the prisoners waiting to cash them in at the right time and that is what they are doing.

  • Cardinal:

    Although the regime has a history of spinning everything and anything to its favor, I don't think it will be so easy for them this time. I believe it is a combination of the speed at which news travels nowadays and that Raulito made a miscalculation by allowing others to control too much of this process. Personally, I don't think Fidel would have ever allowed himself to be put in a situation like this where he needed to depend on someone else, Spain in this instance, to control the message and the situation.

  • Wahiro

    What is obvious to me is that the regime is in a desperate bind.
    They have conceded Amaya Sigler to leave for the US.
    El Cabezon Alarcon has said all political Prisoners will be released, while Washington has allowed oil drilling companies to seek drilling contracts with Cuba , just Today.
    So it seems to me this is a major coup between , The US, Spain and the EU and Brazil.
    If you notice Raul is no where to be seen or heard ?

    Some big shit is going on behind the scenes.IMO.

  • Lack of seats?????? Great comment by Pototo, on the money, couldn't say it any better!