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  • asombra: Given Che’s views on the legal system, what kind of lawyer would hang his photo in his office?

  • asombra: Didn’t Rousseau look pretty? Should have been a romance novelist and left it at that.

  • asombra: The Gross business was always dubious, and now it stinks like rotting fish. Whatever sympathy I had for the man is gone.

  • asombra: As for Whitehouse, he’s a classic condescending bigot. Jackass.

  • asombra: Schizophrenic? Try full of shit. A real schizophrenic has an illness he cannot help; the NYT is not even remotely that innocent....

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Portrait of a Warrior

Do not let his brutalized appearance fool you, within the battered and tortured body of Ariel Sigler Amaya exists the soul of a warrior. The heart beating within his emaciated body is the heart of a lion.

Photos from the AP:

Cuba Freed Prisoner

APTOPIX Cuba Freed Prisoner

APTOPIX Cuba Freed Prisoner

Cuba Freed Prisoner

Cuba Freed Prisoner

This is what the Castro regime is scared of--not what is on the outside, but what is in the inside of men like Ariel Sigler Amaya.

4 comments to Portrait of a Warrior

  • asombra

    But of course, Castro, Inc. has never tortured or mistreated or abused any prisoner of conscience, I mean, any mercenary of the Empire. This emaciated, sick man who cannot walk simply wanted to make the "revolution" look bad and brought this condition upon himself. What we need to focus on here is the extreme goodness and generosity of Castro, Inc. in letting him leave Cuba to get medical treatment in the US (if that doesn't cure him, it just proves he should have relied on Cuba's own healthcare system instead). The real heroes are Raul Castro, Cardinal Ortega and Moratinos, who should all get the Nobel Peace Prize. Hell, Obama got it for nothing, so what difference would it make?

  • The match was long and brutal--but Sigler scored a TKO against Castro.


  • Manolo

    You said it Humberto. Long and brutal.
    I got to say, the last picture, thats a real smile. Not like the fake smiles seen in Cuba when asked if they are happy. I received terrible news today, but this makes my day. Seeing Ariel with those gloves, that smile, it really lifts up my spirit. The smile actually reminds me of a man I once knew, who also suffered 7 years in Castros jail but in La Cabana during the time of El Chacal. He passed away just last year in November. He was 81. Pepe Gomez. He had a smile just like Ariel. Just goes to show you what a real smile looks like after such depression. Bajo la dictadura de los Castros! Viva Cuba Libre!

  • tonny44

    God bless Ariel Sigler Amaya and his family..!!!