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FL-25: What the Herald is not telling you about Joe Garcia

Who is Joe Garcia?

Since the Miami Herald's reporters have been too busy canvassing Miami-Dade county and turning over every stone in this town in their quest for any unfounded rumors they can publish involving Republican congressional candidate David Rivera, it has been up to the alternative media (bloggers) to provide information on Rivera's opponent, the irascible Joe Garcia. We have done our part to educate the voters, along with many other bloggers such as The Shark Tank.

Joining us in this endeavor to tell you what the Herald is refusing to tell you about Joe Garcia is the site Fact Real. Here you will find a wealth of information regarding Joe Garcia.

Here is an example:

THE REAL JOE GARCIA – Videos, Public Records, Donors and Friends tell us who this Democrat Candidate for Florida’s 25th Congressional District really is (FL-25)


Joe Garcia will be a rubber stamp for Pelosi and Obama:
- Joe Garcia would have voted for the bailouts (Video)
- Joe Garcia would have voted for ObamaCare but could not say how to pay for it.
- Joe Garcia and his leftists views: He favors bailouts, ObamaCare, high taxes, abortion, illegal immigration, gun control.
- Joe Garcia and Obama love high energy prices (Video)

Lobbyists are major donors to Joe Garcia’s campaign, but leftists like Joe Garcia love to publicly demonize the lobbyists and accuse their opponents of being bought by ‘special interests.’

Cuba is on the list of States Sponsors of Terror, but many Joe Garcia’s donors are from travel agencies or charter companies that want to be in business with Fidel Castro. Remember, these companies have to be in good standing with Castro to be allowed to land and do business in Cuba. Castro will not let anyone land on Cuban soil without his permission and without benefiting himself.
- Joe Garcia donors linked to Fidel Castro:
- John H. Cabanas, more here
- Richard Reposa, more here.
- Alfredo Duran, more here
- Ramon Cernuda
- Augusto Maxwell
- Magda Montiel Davis
- Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) (more here)
- His friend famous for his scandals, violence, corruption: Raul Martinez
- Joe Garcia’s donor is the same rich investor behind Amendment #4: Chris Findlater
- Joe Garcia’s leftist donors hide behind a committee to attack David Rivera with ads:
Jorge Mas Santos (from the Cuban American National Foundation),
Carlos Saladrigas (from the Cuba Study Group), and Chris Findlater.
- Nancy Pelosi came to Miami to raise funds for Joe Garcia (Photos)

You can see a bunch of facts regarding Joe Garcia that the Herald is not telling you HERE.

1 comment to FL-25: What the Herald is not telling you about Joe Garcia