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Wow! … Just WOW!!! … The Garden of Edam

"A roof collapse long ago in Hang Son Doong let in light; plants thickly followed ... There’s a jungle inside Vietnam’s mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too. And the end is out of sight." - National Geographic

I saw this over the Holidays, but didn't bother clicking on it until today.

Apparently this area of Asia is known for its enormous caves. Seems in the last couple years several have been '(re)discovered', and others in Vietnam. I know during the Vietnam war whole battalions of enemy would simply 'disappear' from our advancing troops or air support, only to mysteriously appear later to fight again. The Viet Cong were known for their tunnel-making expertise. But seeing this sort of discovery makes it understandable just how hard it was to track and ambush them, and how easy it was for them to do as much to our guys.

For all the natural "shock and awe" wonder something like this produces, I find myself wondering about any human artifacts that might be discovered upon very close examination. There would obviously be those related to the Vietnam war era, but even more historically the centuries and millenniums prior to that 20th century event. Or has the massive subterranean passage of Hang Son Doong in Vietnam been virtually hidden from 'man'?


Surrounded by jungle and used in the Vietnam war as a hideout from American bombardments, it is so large that it could hold a block of 40-storey skyscrapers. Its entrance was only rediscovered last year.

The photograph was taken by a British expedition returning to the rugged Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park near the border with Laos.

The cave, lit from above through a skylight, is one of a network of some 150 connected caverns, many still not surveyed, in the Annamite mountains. [...]

The January National Geographic issue that has this cave as its cover story is out on stands now. You can see more amazing photos here. Gives "Journey To The Center of The Earth" a whole new meaning! Wow!!

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