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Castro regime aiming to collect ransom

The Castro regime is looking to collect billions of dollars in ransom for American aid worker Alan Gross. The dictatorship has just declared that Gross will be tried for charges consisting of "acts against the integrity and independence of Cuba," and they will seek a 20-year sentence.

Cuba to seek 20-yr jail term for detained American

HAVANA -- Cuban state media say prosecutors will seek a 20-year jail term for detained American contractor Alan Gross for "acts against the integrity and independence" of Cuba.

The state-controlled website Cubadebate says that a trial date will be set shortly and that Gross's family and U.S. diplomats will be allowed to attend.

Gross has been in jail since December 2009 on suspicion of spying. The U.S. government and his family say he was distributing satellite telephones to the island's Jewish community. They have long called for him to be released, or at least brought to trial.

Friday's decision to seek such a long jail term seems certain to be a major blow to U.S.-Cuban relations, which had seemed to be improving only a few weeks ago.

The only thing that can save Gross from this criminal regime is either the exchange of the five convicted Cuban spies in U.S. prison (unlikely), or a few billion dollars from the U.S. in the form of relaxed sanctions (likely). Otherwise, the innocent Gross will end up dying in a Castro prison, the victim of a criminal regime.

More from the BBC here.

6 comments to Castro regime aiming to collect ransom

  • mcse72

    I gotta say this news caught me by surprise. As someone who's followed Mr. Gross' arrest for over a year, (as most of us have) this is incredibly disappointing & infuriating. But then again, we're dealing with fidel here, who cares as much for human life as hitler did.
    How could BO be soooo niave as to ease travel restrictions & remittances, which he knew would create an incredible influx of cash to the castro regime with absolutley NOTHING in return!!??
    I can't wrap my mind around that. At the VERY least, I expected Mr. Gross to be released in the next couple of months. I didn't think a POTUS could be this naive & plain dumb, but he topped himself yet again.
    Let's hope & pray a miracle happens for Mr. Gross or like you said, he will end up dying in castro's gulag simply for trying to help people. 2012 can't get here soon enough!!

  • Don't forget Posada...maybe that's the prize Castro's angling after?....the trial's getting heated, the outcome iffy--and maybe Castro just upped the stakes and tilted the balance.

  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maggie , said: New post: Castro regime aiming to collect ransom [...]

  • pototo

    Obama will trade him for the 5 criminals. Wait and see. Otherwise, this will be a show trial and castro will try to make this an act of mercy by releasing him as proaganda to show that the U.S. is bad and they are good. Cuba needs a pick me up as the economy worsens.

  • Indeed, Pototo. I have no doubt that --with the help of the MSM and "Cuba Experts"--Castro will come out of this thing (world media-wise) wearing the white hat.


  • Mr. Mojito

    What Obama will get:
    - Alan Gross

    What Fidel ill get:
    - End of Embargo
    - Lifting of payment rules for food
    - Release of the 5 Spies
    - Handing over of Posada-Carilles, Carlos Bosch & Felix Rodriguez
    - 530 million $ in medicine
    - 2 free passes to Disney World for Fidel & Raul
    - A new Jeep Cherokee
    - Signed 8x10 photo of Obama

    = FAIR DEAL, so don't be a gusano (eye roll)