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  • asombra: It wouldn’t change what they are in essence, but if Peters and Sweig aren’t gay, they look it.

  • asombra: Yes, two old bastards, people of the worst sort, who’ve owned Cuba for over 50 years, and ruined it. As I’ve said...

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“Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are the most effective propaganda” (Soviet KGB, May, 20, 1981)

Russian intransigent (and Armando Valladares' Human Rights Foundation colleague) Vladimir Bukovsky has a website dedicated to exposing smuggled Soviet documents. The highlights of some of these secret documents have been translated into English. I call your attention to the last item on this link:

Document 0863 dated May 20, 1981.

Update: (Our friend Ray alerts us to a month-long Castro propaganda (cultural exchange) blitz just kicking off in New York) titled Cuba Si!

3 comments to “Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are the most effective propaganda” (Soviet KGB, May, 20, 1981)

  • Rayarena

    Perfect example is the powerful cultural offensive taking place in NYC from March 31st to June 16th known as "Cuba Si" [the choice of name is no doubt a jab at the USA..i.e. Cuba Si, Yankee No] where hundreds of performers from Cuba are currently in NYC swarming venues all over the place. Not only does it create a smokescreen as to what is happening inside Cuba [repression, tyranny], but it is also a goodwill gesture that makes Cuba look like a wonderful little inoffensive island off the coast of Florida that provides wonderful music and dance to the world.

    Here is the link and the advertisement. By the way, the posters are all over the city:

    ¡Si Cuba! Arts Festival in New York City – Schedule of Music Events: March 31-June 16

    Showcasing a wide array of dynamic Cuban talent from classic Cuban legends to contemporary sensations, the ¡Si Cuba! Arts Festival ( bridges the gap between American and Cuban culture and allows visitors to experience Cuba’s vibrant spirit. The festival will run from March 31 to June 16 and will feature works from various creative outlets including music, films, art exhibitions and literature. Live concerts will feature the best of son (the precursor of modern salsa), rumba and hip hop to NYC. Tickets range from free to moderately priced. It’s a rare opportunity to experience the energy of Cuba all together in the US.

  • asombra

    Castro, Inc. only really knows two things: staying in power and marketing. All else is moot.

  • Rayarena


    You are absolutely right.