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Oh My! We Seem To All of A Sudden Have A … Crisis

Michelle Obama joins the apparently growing population plagued by air traffic controller problems. If they aren't sleeping, or watching a movie, they have their eye off the prize where the First Lady's plane is concerned today at Andrew's Air Force Base. Thankfully she and all involved are okay.

However, I have to ponder all the recent, and sudden, stories of ATC's falling asleep on the job. I am sure this happens all the time, and has for the lifetime of air flight. That doesn't make it right. But you have to put this in proper perspective. Is this really 'news'? Or is there some, oh I don't know, agenda to the MSM's and the administration's ... and the ATC's recent exposure of these stories.

The overpaid and self-important harpies at ABC's "The View" believe they have nailed a former POTUS to the proverbial cross on this ... and it ain't "Bush" ...

THAT'S IT! That's the problem! They aren't union any more! After 30 years Reagan's firing of the ATCs and busting their union has trickled down to the ATCs in 2011! They need more bodies in those ATC towers because two people can't possibly sleep or fart-around on the job at the same time. Not to worry because Obama's guy is on it and promises they "Will not sleep" until all this ATC sleeping is resolved.

Never mind the fact that auto plants, steel mills, factories, and other unionized businesses and industries (and yes, public employees) have loads of workers who sleep and slack-off on the job ... sometimes causing damage to the workplace, and even injuries to fellow workers or the public. However, they have the "union" to stick-up for them to the point of threatening a strike if the company doesn't back-off. How about staying away from alcohol before your shift, and getting your proper sleep hours before showing up for work? If you can't manage the late night shift, and the employer isn't flaxable, apply someplace else. And if you can't handle the mundaneness of the job, get another one. Other people in the workforce do it all the time. The last thing needed is yet another union to protect this bad behavior and irresponsibility in the workplace. Do I sound skeptical about all this sudden attention to snoozing ATCs?

Damn right ...

1 comment to Oh My! We Seem To All of A Sudden Have A … Crisis