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Castro regime launches May Day wave of repression against opposition

The Castro dictatorship, which more than ever is fearing its eventual demise, has launched a wave of repression against members of the opposition on the island in an effort to quash any public displays of dissent during its fabricated May Day activities.

Via Radio Martí (my translation):

Wave of repression in Cuba for 1st of May

This Sunday, the Cuban government will celebrate the 1st of May in support of the socioeconomic reform plans of Raul Castro, which includes more autonomy for State businesses, the elimination of unnecessary social subsidies, and the reduction of State services, among other measures.

Cuban opposition leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antúnez reported on Twitter that "Castro fears the protests by the First of May Front, arresting leaders of opposition organizations -- Placetas has been militarized."

Precisely, the Cuban independent journalist Roberto de Jesus Guerra informed Radio Marti that in Havana, the political police detained Angel Moya and the hip hop singer Rodolfo Ramirez Hernandez, known as "The Primitive."

Yaimi Alfonso informed via telephone that her husband Heriberto Liranza Romero, leader of the Cuban Movement of Youth for Democracy, was beaten and detained on Friday by Castro agents in an area close to his home, and added that his house was surrounded by police. He told her that the authorities were not going to allow that any members of the opposition visit him.

Dissidents Ernesto Herrera Biel and Jorge Rodriguez Jimenez were arrested when they attempted to visit the home of Liranza Romero.

And if that were not enough, members of the Ladies in Support were harassed by Sate Security, Mayra Morejon said, and added that her companion, Mercedes Fresneda, told her that her home was under surveilance by Castro agents.

Members of the Cuban opposition believe that the government has increased its repression against the opposition on the island, especially in Havana, to attempt to stop any public demonstrations on the 1st of May.

On Sunday morning, the government will transport thousands of Cubans to the "Plaza of the Revoution" to celebrate the International Day of Workers. It is expected that Raul Castro will preside over the main event in the Cuban capital.

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