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The Castro dictatorship’s Repression Shell Game

In spite of all the proclamations of "reforms," and the willingness of the media and others to characterize the Castro dictatorship as somehow benevolent, the Cuban regime has shown no inclination whatsoever to stem the wave of repression sweeping over the island. The government of Raul Castro continues its violent and brutal oppression of the opposition on the island, engaging in some sort of shell game with opposition leaders and dissidents, arresting some, releasing others, and then arresting them again.

The obvious purpose of this game is to keep a large portion of the opposition imprisoned at any given moment if only for a few days. It is an attempt to stifle any organization on their part, and the tactic is being employed in a brutal fashion, with threats and beatings. The opposition, however, has remained steadfast and appears to be growing by the day.

Uncommon Sense has the report on the latest opposition members to be released:

Cuban activists Caridad Caballero and Martha Diaz released from jail

Cuba activists Caridad Caballero and Martha Diaz have been released from jail, according to a report filed Sunday afternoon by another brave Cuban woman, Reina Luisa Tamayo.

Diaz had been in jail since Saturday, and Caballero had been in custody since Thursday. At one point Saturday, a secret police official had even denied that Caballero had been in arrested, which as independent journalist and blogger Luis Rojas noted is how they disappear you in Cuba.

The Castro dictatorship does not discriminate: It targets all who oppose it, whether they are men or women, with the vilest forms of repression. But it does appear in recent days to have particular disdain for the women who dare to challenge its authority.

In addition to what happened to Caballero and Dias, former pollitical prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez" reported Sunday via Twitter that his wife Yris continues to suffer symptoms of an apparent concussion suffered when she was beaten and arrested by Cuban police last week during an event held to honor Tamayo's murdered son, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and other prisoner of conscience who died after a hunger strike, Pedro Luis Boitel.

While independent journalist and blogger Luis Felipe Rojas reports on the newest arrest of an opposition member in Cuba:



"Detained yesterday at noon and now missing Marta Diaz Rondon in Banes. Son of Cary Caballero 4 days alone at home."

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