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The more things “change” in Cuba, the more they stay the same

Luis Enrique Labrador

Change is coming to Cuba, the "experts" say, and that "change" looks an awful lot like more of the same repression borne of a totalitarian dictatorship hellbent on maintaining power whatever the cost. Cosmetic reforms and endless unfulfilled promises of a more liberalized economic system make for great press, but they do nothing for the Cuban people. They continue to be slaves of the Castro crime family, and they continue to suffer the brutality of a merciless tyranny with zero tolerance for dissent. Things are indeed changing in Cuba, but those things happen to be the place of residence for members of the opposition who are being moved from their homes into Castro gulags for committing a "crime of opinion."

Via Uncommon Sense:

4 Cuban dissidents face up to 4 years in prison

Before you pack your bags for that long-awaited vacation to Cuba or applaud the Castro regime's latest "reforms," you might want to consider this:

Four Cuban dissidents could be sentenced to jail terms of up to 4 years each when they are tried Tuesday on charges related to their distribution of leaflets last January near the "Palace of the Revolution" in Havana and the El Cerro neighborhood in the capital city, according to a report posted at Payo Libre. The four have been in jail since their arrest in January.

Cuban human rights activist Elizardo Sanchez said Amnesty International should recognize the four -- Luis Enrique Labrador, 33, Yordani Martínez, 23, David Piloto, 40, and Walfrido Rodríguez, 42 -- as prisoners of conscience because they neither used violence nor advocated violence. Their only crime said Sanchez, is a "crime of opinion."

This is further proof that despite the regime's propaganda ploys and the best efforts of its apologists to insist that things are changing in Cuba, nothing has changed.

The repression is the same, if not increasing, as the regime's fear of real change -- a change that will mean its demise -- rises.

Anyone able to get into the courtroom on Tuesday will be witnesses to that unfailing truth about Cuba today.

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