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Marxist Mass Murdering Action Figures

With well over 100-million murders in the last century to their names, a new set of action figures including mass murdering Marxists should provide the children of elitist leftists hours of playtime fun and instructional role playing. With the likes of Lenin, Ché, Malcon X, and Chairman Mao, these kids can use these action figures to learn how to be ignorant bigots, just like their parents, and obtusely celebrate blood, death, and carnage, all in the name of "revolution."

Via Jim Hoft at Human Events:

St. Louis Toy Store Pedals Mass Murdering Marxist Action Figures

You just know the same leftists who scream about toy guns will have absolutely no problem with these Marxist action figures.
The perfect toy for your young revolutionary.
by Jim Hoft

Out: G.I. Joe

In: Mass Murdering Marxists and America-hating leftists

St. Louis tea party activist Jen Ennenbach saw this displayed at a toy store in the Mills Mall in Hazelwood, Missouri today.

The Oddfellows Revolutionaries Collection includes five figures: Vladimir Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X, and Mao Zedong.

Here's a description of the "toy" for your child:

Viva la Revolución! So maybe you can't take up arms and join the resistance right now. In the meantime, keeping these guys handy will remind you of your revolutionary roots and let everyone else know that you don't roll with The Man. Features:

*The set includes five figures: Vladimir Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X, and Mao Zedong.

*Each vinyl figure is approximately three inches tall.

*Oddfellows have no moving parts.

*Packaged in a window display box with original artwork and biographical notes.


You just know the same leftists who scream about toy guns will have absolutely no problem with these Marxist action figures.

H/T Mr. Mojito

8 comments to Marxist Mass Murdering Action Figures

  • Honey

    On the other hand it is an improvement. At least Che is considered on a par with Mao and Lenin.
    But what is Gandhi doing there? Whom did he kill? And, even though he started out not so hot, he ended up a bit better, what is Malcolm X doing there?

  • Rayarena

    I'm with Honey here. Why did they include Gandhi and Malcolm X? The manufacturers loose credibility and risk a massive boycott by including those two, on the other hand, they didn't include fidel or that nutjob from Korea.

    While I'm happy that they included Che, Mao and Lenin, their choices severely undermines them.

  • asombra

    "Let everyone else know that you don't roll with The Man." So what the hell were Lenin and Mao but The Man? Must be drug-induced brain damage.

  • Honey

    I am reminded of a story Professor Eire told at the National Book Awards meeting.
    He saw a young man on a train wearing a Che T shirt and though he doesn't usually confront, this time he decided to and told the young man, "You know that man was a mass murderer? Are you proud to be wearing his picture?" The young man replied, "He was a revolutionary and I would be proud to wear the picture of any revolutionary like George Washington."
    The professor answered, "That's funny. Because if you wore a T shirt with a picture of George Washington on it, Che would have crushed you like a bug."

  • Rayarena

    Honey, go figure! People don't think anymore, or they are so confused, and blinded by the propaganda that they learn in colleges, that they see in Hollywood Che hagiographies, or read in the MSM that they actually believe that Che was a hero.

    The Carlos Eire anecdote, reminds me of a group that actually exists out in San Francisco. It's called "Queers for Che." It's a group of Marxist Gays who admire Che and travel to Cuba. Can you believe that? Che had a pathological hatred for gays. When Allen Ginsburg went to Cuba in the 1960's, he was expelled from the country for daring to say that he thought that Che was cute. Che's homophobia was so severe that he once saw a book written by Virgilio Pinera [who was gay] in a Cuban embassy he was visiting, and this prompted him to rip it off the shelf and smash it against the wall, screaming in rage, "what's this faggot's book doing on the shelf?"

    Now mind you, Pinera is one of the greatest writers that Latin America has ever had. He was a true genius. He was Theatre of the Absurd before Ionesco and existentialist before Jean Paul Sartre.

    Yet, these gays have an organization in honor of Che. It's sort of like a black organization honoring the KKK or Jews honoring Hitler.

  • Honey

    Or the Jews supporting Obama.

  • Ali Kat

    Ha ha ha, the ironic part is they've made that Che 'action figure' way uglier than he actually was. He looks like a Mexican tomato picker. But I could see a good use for them, if they weren't so expensive at $17.99, they'd make nice target practice.

  • asombra

    Ali Kat, that's because they apparently modeled it after Benicio del Toro.