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Roberto Guerra: Cuban Ambassador

We often publish pieces on Cubans in exile doing well. Cuban's who've started and run their own successful business, Cubans who've become award wining writers, Cubans who've become great leaders, coaches, singers, name it. This is proof positive of the entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and work ethic of the Cuban culture and how given opportunities not afforded them in a totalitarian dictatorship, Cubans prosper.

One of the best Cuban done good stories, and one to close to my heart, is that of Roberto Guerra of La Caja China fame. Here's a man who had a vision, an idea that everyone probably scoffed at at the time, and who took a chance to make that vision a reality. I'm told Roberto's Caja China beginnings were quite humble: he started in his garage and through years of hard work and determination has made La Caja China famous worldwide.

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The beauty of Roberto's success is that he's taken something purely Cuban and made La Caja China instantly recognizable around the globe. Roberto is, truly, an Ambassador of the Cuban spirit and culture.

La Caja China and Roberto have brought a little something Cuban into America's homes. They've been featured in countless news and magazine articles, news shows and cooking shows, including the Food Network's Bobby Flay.

Of course, let's give credit where credit is due: if you've ever had lechon from a Caja China, then you know it's about the best damn pork you'll ever taste.

So, before I get any hungrier and the cravings for pellejito get any stronger, let me get to the point: Roberto will once again be our ambassador this week and will be featured tomorrow night - Friday June 24, 8 PM EDT - on the Hallmark channel with none other than Martha Stewart on "Martha Stewart Presents: Grilling Secrets of the Master Chefs."


A huge congratulations for Roberto and his wonderful family are in order. Not only have they been our Ambassadors, but they are living proof of the American Dream.

Gracias, Roberto. For your friendship and for representing our culture with such grace, dignity and integrity. And, of course, for the best damn pork around, bar none.

(Don't forget to visit and Like the Caja China on facebook, right here.)

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