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Emotional Detachment

Sixteen years ago I was glued to the OJ trial. To this day I am shocked by that verdict.

I did not follow the Casey Anthony trial. By the way, this is what circus clowns look like ... and this. By happenstance I did catch a few bits of testimony from her family members in news clips. What a loathsome bunch. Everyone/Anyone else brought up to testify was a passing blur. At one point I could have sworn I saw the defense lawyer Baez throw a kitchen sink across the courtroom floor…

I did, however, listen to the closing arguments on both sides over the weekend. That's when I heard prosecutor Jeff Ashton, in a clumsy emotional ploy, tell the jury, “We can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so that Caylee went peacefully without feeling.”

I shook my head and said, “Dude, you just threw away any possible hope of a guilty conviction with that jury. You just told them YOU don’t know…” And it was something Anthony's lawyer caught too and coolly pointed out when he got his turn at bat.

In listening to Casey Anthony's defense lawyer Jose Baez in his closing arguments to the sequestered jury I am convinced he does know exactly what happened to little Caylee Anthony.

Nearly three years ago to the day I was in the ER with my daughter who was only a day home from an emergency C-section of her second baby with a post-op infection. I looked up at the very small TV screen in her ER bay to see Cindy Anthony being interviewed by FOX's Greta Van Susteren to discuss her 'missing' granddaughter Caylee. The woman never once opened her eyes and looked into the camera during the course of the entire interview. I am convinced she does know exactly what happened to that little girl ... as does her daughter.

The only person who deserves to sleep peacefully after all of this ...


1 comment to Emotional Detachment

  • asombra

    The justice system is not really about guilt or innocence, but about winning the case or reaching an advantageous settlement. It's a game, won by the lawyers who can play it best, however unethically. For practical purposes, as opposed to theory or lip service, it's about gamesmanship, not justice. Everybody knows it, starting with the legal people, but it's obviously accepted and condoned. It's ultimately a business for profit or gain like any other, such as, for instance, the news business. No doubt there are exceptions, as is always the case, but that doesn't change the basic reality.