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  • Rayarena: You’re right Prof. Eire, people who are inconvenient to castro die convenient deaths all of the time. They either...

  • Humberto Fontova: Thanks for the link, Professor! Oye pero mira que aqui en Babalu se aprenden cosas (often historical) interesantes!

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“Experts” on Cuba and “Presidents” of Cuba

NY Times' favorite chemistry "expert"

The New York Times outdoes even its historic self today:

Yet even with some state control, experts say, property sales could transform Cuba more than any of the economic reforms announced by President Raúl Castro’s government.

Experts say the Cuban diaspora has already begun to create a tiered social system in Cuba. Cuban emigrants sent back about $1 billion in remittances last year, studies show, with an increasing proportion of that money financing budding capitalists in need of pizza ovens or other equipment to work privately.

Homes would simply expand the bond, experts say, and offers are already arriving....One recent study, by Sergio Díaz-Briquets, a Washington-based demography expert, found that Cuba has a housing deficit of 1.6 million units.

3 comments to “Experts” on Cuba and “Presidents” of Cuba

  • Rayarena

    As I've always said, castro has no need to sell his tyranny's main organ of propaganda [Gramma] in the USA, since his has the New York Times uncritically publishing his press releases [SOMETIMES AS VERBATIM TRANSLATIONS]. As Humberto would say: UNREAL!

  • Henry Agueros

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. Is This this the same new York Times that has for 52 years supported the Totalitarian
    Communist Regime of the Castro?
    The same New York Times that reported the "bodies of dead were all over the Streets (at least...5,000) of Santa Clara when Che Guevara "liberated the city.? .....
    The same New York Times that leaded attacked by our Armed Forces in Iraq....before they took place.?
    These are the "experts" on Cuba?
    ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha

  • Rayarena

    "But when Cuba legalizes buying and selling by the end of the year — as the government promised again this week..."

    Here's an excerpt from the article. The operative world here is "PROMISED." The regime does this all of the time, it emits statements knowing full well that papers like the New York Time will breathlessly publish their propaganda. Then when months and years pass by and the "promise" is not kept, the NYT's will do nothing to correct the error and by that time, it won't matter anyway, because the lie is already out there.

    That's why, everyone I talk genuinely believes that raul is a great reformer. I've had total strangers in the NYC subway tell me how wonderful it is that raul is a such a reformer. The American mainstream media has brainwashed them and continues to do so.