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Accounting and Accountability


After all that nasty negotiating with terrorists, a treaty was signed that would avoid destroying the world as we know it. And just a couple short days later we were so honored to have been a part of the largest one-day bump in history ... of the U.S. debt shooting up $239 billion. That already has us chipping into the plaster of that the newly lifted debt ceiling ... and the plaster isn't even dry yet. So look for the coming crisis and demands to lift it again, and another battle with those pesky delusional TEA Party terrorists, suicide bombers, and hostage-takers who only want to kill Obama ... well, in the political sense, of course, as MSNBC's Chris Matthews puts a Palin-like Gabby Giffords target over The Won's head. Hey, if they're really looking for delusional people they aren't hard to find ... Just throw a stone (as in the old stone's throw saying before it was decided old sayings were somehow deadly and dangerous to democrats and liberals/leftists) at anyone within the fallout zone of Obama, or breathlessly cheerleading for him from a safer distance. (Somebody please pass MoDo a Midol or some HRT...)

And just so you know, the USA is now borrowing 100% of the GDP.

Well, that was easy enough, eh?

Thankfully the new Emperor's Class still has enough to spend over $35,000 to attend the Emperor's 50th birthday fundraiser as he strives to raise that cool billion to keep himself the ruler over this messy democracy he's only halfway conquered.

I'm sure it will all work out just peachy ... Um, are we still allowed to eat peaches, Michelle?

Who knew all this "hope and change" would be so darned fun, huh?

HT: Weasel Zippers

1 comment to Accounting and Accountability

  • asombra

    Can you imagine the media response to such an exceedingly pricey birthday party if it involved Bush, or some other Republican? Oh, what's the use.