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Michelle Bachmann made an official Brigadista on visit to Bay of Pigs Museum


“We are with you!” said candidate Bachmann to the aging freedom-fighters at their Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami’s Little Havana on Monday. “I am with you!” she stressed. The freedom-fighters, surrounded by photos of their band-of-brothers who fell in battle against their Soviet-lavished enemy, cheered wildly and decreed Michele Bachmann an honorary member of Brigada 2506, the official name for the all-volunteer force who tried freeing Cuba from the Soviet barbarism that still grips it. You’ll forgive these men for assuming that their historic allies from 90 miles away would provide at least 1/1000 of the air support recently provided to Berbers, Bedouins, and Tuaregs and assorted Jihadists 5000 miles away.

Whoops! Sorry for the underestimation. Actually, through last week, (U.S. led) NATO had conducted 19,751 sorties over Libya, including 7,459 ground-attack missions. US planes carried out 1,210 strike missions.

While battling savagely against a Soviet led force ten times its size and only 90 miles from U.S. shores defending a Stalinist regime that craved to nuke the U.S., Cuba’s freedom-fighters couldn’t beg, borrow or steal one ground-attack mission by U.S. jets.

Our friends at Townhall help inform with items mostly unknown everywhere more than .00009/8 centimeters outside Miami Dade borders.

(Told ya! Fijense como este Fontova le pone un titulo (Michelle Bachmann y FLorida) a su articulo para atraer lectores Americanos --entonces los ENGANA! Metiendole la historia de Giron!...Pero que tipo mas DESCAR'AO!)

1 comment to Michelle Bachmann made an official Brigadista on visit to Bay of Pigs Museum

  • La Conchita

    "...provide at least 1/1000 of the air support recently provided..."

    I have been saying for the longest of times, that unless a Castro Mafiosi is staring into the barrel of cocked-chamber, they will keep their boots on the neck of the Cuban people.

    Get the two Jokers, and roundup the rest of Royal Flush, and the house of cards will fall quicker than a line of dominos.