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Egypt’s “Arab Spring”: Blooming Fatwas…

The fertilizer is growing on the new budding Egypt:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists have won 42 individual seats in the run-off round of the first stage of the country's parliamentary elections, state media reported Wednesday, citing preliminary results.

The two most powerful Islamic forces in Egypt gained 80 percent of the 52 individual seats contested in the run-off, consolidating their gains in the first stage of the multi-phase polls...

Yes ... Yes, I know. It was, and is, all about democracy. That is the most important thing here ... the democratic process. We have been told not to expect it to look like Western democracy. You know what? It sure doesn't. And the pesky little thing about gaining democracy only to use it to vote yourself out of a democracy in the first heartbeat of its existence has to be the height of insanity. There are no "do-overs" once it's gone. (It's a lot like the Genie saying, "Ixnay on the wishing for more wishes. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds.") It usually takes rivers of blood and a sea of tears to try to bring back democracy.

As the democratic Egypt's new governing body takes shape the hardline fundamental extremist Salafists, who have come in second to the Muslim Brotherhood in the election in seats gained in the parliament, have their eager clerics crawling out of the woodwork and laying down the law ... fatwas. First on their list are women and infidels ... Of course:

Preacher Mustafa al-Adawi issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslim women from wearing high heels because they are a source of seduction for men.

“A woman can only wear high heels for her husband but she is not to do so outside her house,” he said.

Another cleric, Sheikh Mahmoud Amer, had issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from voting for Coptic candidates or their Muslim counterparts who do not pray on regular basis.

“It is forbidden by Islam to vote for them and whoever does that will be committing a grave sin,” he said.

But footwear is not the only evil women are to shun ...

An Islamic cleric residing in Europe said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any “sexual thoughts.”

The unnamed sheikh, who was featured in an article on el-Senousa news, was quoted saying that if women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their a father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.

He said that these fruits and vegetables “resemble the male penis” and hence could arouse women or “make them think of sex.”

He also added carrots and zucchini to the list of forbidden foods for women.

The sheikh was asked how to “control” women when they are out shopping for groceries and if holding these items at the market would be bad for them. The cleric answered saying this matter is between them and God.

Apparently these all-knowing holy men of Allah have been watching too many American lampoon movies.

My friend John Bernard has written a blog piece on Egypt's and Lybia's new democracies ... and our own political problems.

Are you feeling good about the seers and academics who promised you Roses and Doves in Egypt now?

Many of us had commented that their (Egyptians) first act as free men would be to cast a vote that would drive them right back into slavery but this time to a Sharia centric theocracy. This democracy, such as it is, is proving to be everything we do not want and that the nation of Israel doesn't need on it's border. What is proving to be true is that the general population in Egypt is far from Secular and is in fact as ideologically motivated as any of the worst of the Islamic populations in the region.

You think not? Then you will have to explain why the people of Egypt used their one vote to elevate the ideologically driven Muslim Brotherhood to power rather than seek a more moderate or secular representative government.

Yes, and we need to ask ourselves pretty much the same question from our election three years ago, as Al Sharpton clearly pointed out the truth. Now, back to the car wreck...

Added update: Cross-posted @ CW

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