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Indigestion Inducing Christmas Dinner Conversation


A nice little bit of debate info to read, and maybe take along, to Christmas dinner when you are sitting around the table with your liberal family members. You know the talk will be political, so come equipped. Blogger John Hawkins has "15 Things That Even Liberals Should Be Willing To Admit". Read them all, but I like these two best:

8.) That a lot, if not most, of the charges of “racism” that are thrown around in the political sphere are done so for the sake of politics, not because people actually believe there’s any racism occurring.


1.) That at best, Barack Obama has been ineffective at turning around the economy and at worst, his policies have made it worse.

I would also add, since the conversation/debate will undoubtedly be about the economy, and the various factors in that subject:

16.) If the conversation is strictly about the financial numbers, and NOT human lives, eight years of the Iraq War cost over $800 billion ... under a trillion dollars in eight years. The democrats/liberals always chime in that the war was 'unpaid for'. In three years of Obama's spending how many trillions has our debt gone up ... and exactly how/where is THAT money supposed to come from to pay for it all? Then listen to how they insist it all comes down to taxing the crap out of the "rich", which has been pointed out would not even begin to touch the debt.

17.) "Islam" is at war with us because they believe we must all believe the way they do ... or die. Not because we do business in their part of the world. An interesting joint interview with (the late) Christopher Hitchens and (now GOP contender) Newt Gingrich taped July 18, 2002 explains it very clearly.

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